Sunday, 27 January 2013

Being a Pakistani

He woke up,washed his mouth and started preparing for the office he has been working since last 10 years.His fingers moved on to the  switch to topple the state of it but no response was there from other side.Loadshedding creeped up and he opened his wardrobe to have best among the worst clothes in terms of the lines drawn by dust and irregularity that his wardrobe was facing.His children were to school early ad he was ready for his office too.Being an intergral part of the clerical system he could be bribed easilay as his subordinates were doing the same side business and were maintaining a fully loaded life but he was there with a firm beleif that pure earning is worth rather over and at the same time exacerbating.Everyone in his office knew that he can't be bribed and he was living his life adorned with this tag of being upright.
His betterhalf was also a lady contented with what they had and never forced her husband to engage in some evils.As he reached his home from office he grabbed the remte control to listen to what's happening in real world.The T.V screen was bifurcated in two haves informing people regarding the blast which took many lives in his own city.He whispered CHICH CHICH CHICH.
Every reporter was screeching and tickers were there with a message from the elite regarding the condemnation of the blast.The pious clerk nodded his head as if he is taunting .He abused the corrupt regime which was busy in defending the developement that they have done in their tenure.
He again shuffled the flavour and tuned an entertainment channel .A reality show was there with all the interest binded .He watched the show and slept.
Evening and the clerk with his family clamped with his bike visited the place where blast  took place,Whole of the area was cordoned off and they had a bird eye view of the sight.Then they moved on to a park and allowed their twin kids to jubilate.While their kids were happy moving from one slide to another and enjoying swing,they began to discuss their future.Both agreed on a point that we should not pray for their better futuere instead we should pray for their future that it should exist.Sporadic bombing turned the country into a warzone and in so grim a condition,how could one think of enabling their kid to become an engineer or daughter,a doctor.
They hurried back to the home and children started to think of  their homework .The pious lady,wife of the clerk,informed the audience of the home that due to prolonged electricity shortage,ther is no water in home.Clerk shut down his eyes for a while and kids slept as nothing could be done now.The father while lying on the bed,having his eyes focused on the sky thought,where are we living and why are we living here.We are tax paid citizen but no response from the state on this behaviour.He thought we people are senseless,we are not vulnerable to attacks and accidents.We just watch news to replace bad news with some newer stuff of the same type.We enjoy marrriage ceremonies and rejuvenate but at the same time many of the roads and squares of our country are referred to some blasts or  bad incidents.
He was in a mumbo jumbo regarding to stay in this land or try his luck somewhere else.He slept with a thought that a time,better will come again when they will go to parks and shopping malls through the bigger gate rather walkthough gates.He thought a day will come when people will not be between a rock and a hard place to select their leaders.When state will behave as a mother and everyone will put forward his best to make this country a paradise to live in.He slept and cogitated yes a time will come,yes a time will come.

Friday, 25 January 2013

How to celebrate.

12th of Rabi Ul Awal was celebrated across the country with religious reverence and fervour but same was not the case where cretin reside.Different parts of country are infested with such type of sick youngsters who beleive in firing,one wheeling and many other self made celebrations not having backdrop in line with the real spirit of what this day should tell us.
Ill mnded and dork youngsters danced and teased the pedestrians and people with families in their vehicle.I dont know why these people consider every event to transform into their show of vulgarity and nonsense.
What prophet (PBUH) taught us is in direct confrontation with what they don in the name of celebration.
Many people onn the day supply free foodto people and thats a good thing to celebrate a day.T.V chanels telecast a special transmission on that day and people recite naat and darood but what to say of these numskull and nutcase type people who convert every eve whether religious or personal into an adventure by overhauing their guns and to show other people that we can also use them.We should learn the proper teachings of our religion and then should rejuvenate according to that but i don't think so that these people especiallly young blood will listen to any of this.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Long March Up,Thumbs Down

A fine orator is the one who can gather a mammoth of people by the support of the vim that is exhibited in his screech and speech and that's the thing Tahir Ul Qadri used best in his famous long march that finally terminated..He gave the warning of long march on 25th of december in his Lahore jalsa.People thought that he will distract from his call later as it's not so easy to travel in this grim environment regarding security and weather.Government tried its best to stop his long march first by negotiations by sending property mogul Malik Riaz along with famous political leaders but govt. succceded in restraining MQM from this long march and then people saw that his long march started from Lahore on 13th of January.According to him the administration (mainly provincial) and in general, federal tried their level best not to make this march possible but according to him he landed islamabd with his millions of suppporters raising slogans of curropt govt, and their demand to change the electoral process which includes implementation of their 4 points.Many a people narrated the figures regardig the audience of that gathering but according to me that was never a million march.15th of jan was important regarding the verdict by supreme court which stated that PM Raja Pervaiz Ashraf should be arrested in rental power case.Tahir Ul Qadir grabbed the success as if it was his although the case was in supreme court from last 2-3 years.
The famous dual national doctor bashed the government and also said that its x-government and it is non existent at this point of time.I beleive that we can have an oppinion contrary to TUQ but we must apprecciate the patriotism of those Pakistani's who were there in severe cold and under constant threat of terrorism.They were not having any fuly loaded lavish container as their leader had but they were there with a thought that yes we will go home with a different Pakistan.In this period main trade centres at D-Chhowk remain closed and protected as it was a peaceful protest,we should appreciate.
But then the last day came and suddenly TUQ vowed the need of a delegation from the same former government to have negotiations with him.After 4-5 hours of talks in luxurious container an agreement finally took place between long march leader and government.Someone said that we were dropped at our doorstep in lahore when we returned from Islamabad and that's a thing to be appreciated.
I beleive that the agreement is truely a triumph of the lingering government.They didn't announce any date for the dissolution of assemblies and just confined themselves to the dubious one line that assemblies wil be dissolved before 16th of march and also a month will be there for scrootening of candidates,Now everyone should know that it happens in every elections.This is not a new revolution.It was also done in 2008 elections.

Overall government finally played the trick and was able to return the mammoth of people before they could topple this corrupt regime.
And then the part of the story that TUQ is leaving for canada on 27th of jan came .Social media became infested with the screenshots of the tickets of TUQ and his relatives.At that time people outcried and bashed TUQ so the anger that the dooctor injected in them via his oratory skills ,backlashed but they denied it.
One thing that is now clear is that elections will be there on time and rumor is that TUQ will contest elections as well.
Rehman Malik and TUQ exchanged furious reemarks against each other in this long march..

Friday, 18 January 2013

First Year Of Sychores

Its been an year i am in this fraternity of blogging and its happy to see that i am consistent,Infact i am not much able to grab a major audience in this nascent blog albeit i consider myself successful as i am committed to this domain.Few things that i learnt from this blogging  are worth sharing. Above all the basic purpose of blogging is to share your views so i shared that.Many a people disagreed with my stance but i am there with all my own oppinions.It also provides you a chance to write about the issues regarding which you feel that oral convincing is not efficient.
I wrote reviews of books and major political developements in the country.As my aptitude forces me to write about political changes so i did that in this very first year of blogging.Another advantage of this blogging is that i have maintained my twitter account and now my followers are increasing and that’s not by slactivism.I also know other bloggers that are also professionally employed and its lucrative to share your ideas with them through social media.I do read articles by other bloggers and that helps you to rectify yourself too.
Social media presence in Pakistan is now widely established. Though this hasn't been able yet to make a tehreer square but power of social media is now simply adorable and no one should deny that.Recent Shahzeb case is an example to be quoted here.Blogging helped me to be in line with that.I wrote an artivle on Malal issue too.
Above all the inferiority complex that we people feel is the lack of writing skills especially when it comes to English.Blogging heped me in this case too.Now i feel that i can write on any topic without much hassle and my drafting skills are also improved.I am popular regarding application writing and my friends often consult me regarding this.
Lastly i would say that i am not a fail blogger because according to me,a fail blogger is one who after starting blogging doesnt stick to this and closes his blog on audience justification. I am committed till now and hoping the same in future and would like you to keep your fingers crossed for me.I am an aspiring journalist and for that its good to make a portfolio and definitely my blog will be my achievement soon.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Demented Behaviour,Erratic Conduct

He was travelling back from Frankfurt. This time he was there to attend a conference on “Environment and world”.As he landed on Lahore airport,he was a changed person.The grace with which he was abroad vanished as if it was not there at all.He throwed the piece of tissue paper in lounge and without making any queue demanded immunity from that discipline.He was also dragging his luggage which was causing a honking noise.He hired a taxi and without any emergency asked the driver to drive fast.He also asked him not to stop on a signal even as he was in his own country and he was decent upto a limited extent in certain domain.

The businessman was unique in his behaviour.He was earning a handsome amount and with that he had a complete family.He tried his level best to support his children,2 in number to make them a respectable citizen and with that he was able to make them a doctor and a second one lawyer.He was strongly in favour of education and people came to him off and on to consult him regarding what to choose for their children.He was wise and fair with all of them.In a contest featuring his constituency a doctor was contesting against a landlord.The landlord was notorious for his oppression and brutality whereas the young doctor was ambitious regarding the developement of his area.Young doctor was contesting for the first time.The above quoted businessman was in favour of the landlord and demanded people to vote him instead of the doctor although he was in favour of education and educated people.

That woman was always found praising west and said that look towards them,they are clean,they are rich,their roads are like sky with no humps in it,their villages are not bumpy and then she compared this with his own country and bashed the government for all this.Although the daily routine of her was to first clean her home and then to throw the trash onto the road at wee hours from the balcony which was also used as a medium of communication whenever she wanted to discuss the bad governance of government.She also didn't stop her kids while travelling not to throw waste papers onto the road.

The enthusiastic shopkeeper was 24/7 in a mood to bash europe for the cultural invasion that was destroying the young generation.He abused many a times discussing this.He was right in his oppinion that our culture is the best of all and he advocated it on strong grounds as well.The basic anomaly attached with him was that he was having a T.V set in his shop and home and both were adorned with bollywood and hollywood.
The teenaged student was watching a show based on social issues .He disliked the way the show was going on.He thought that real picture of society is not shown in the show and sensation overrides reality at times in this show.He was also having an internet facility at home but he was reluctant to generate an e-mail to complain about the show to the concerned T.V channel.He was himself a plodder and continuously bashed the T.V channel instead complaining in a right way.
I guess i should not name the country to which these people belong as you all have well understood