Sunday, 26 October 2014

The fault in our Democracy

Ever since i grew up politically,the most tossed quote was Democracy is the only viable solution to problems faced by the land.Starting after 2008 elections when self exiled leaders bowed back on the ground,we have been in a constant state of democracy if democracy is to elect by people and by vote.
But there's another menace owing to this democracy and that's the relentless miss governence aimed at satisfying personal motives and super personal desires.Appointing friends and relatives to key positions is what  iam saying.
Now as mid august approached and the long marches started from data ki nagri Lahore,everyone from the parliament(Termed a part of status quo by opponents) is yelling for democracy.Democracy in it's essence is definitely the best form of government a state can have but what to say of the democracy focussed on commissions and kickbacks,infested with nepotism,drenched in corruption.
While talking of the scandinavian democracies in the world,one observes that their parliament focussed first on the basic rights of masses.Improving judicial system,stamping out corruption,strengthening local system,devolution of power to grass root level.That definitely took time but they streamlined their efforts.One simply can't satisfy his appetite repeating democracy some 200 times a day.No doubt they are not perfect in terms of performance and nothing in the world meets that benchmark but what they did was meeting the threshold of performance in terms of health,education,land,tax and most importantly rule of law.This type of pro active democracy is acceptible to everyone,this type of governence produces receptive masses denying dictatorship or other forms of government at any cost or  post.
While talking of this land,everyone knows that our leaders want democracy just to satisfy their need to be power centric.Being in a state of democracy from last 6 years,democratic leaders are unable to devolve power through local body elections.What can be said regarding health and education sector.Every year we loose our pretty,cute,innocent kids owing to some ailment entirely due to someone's negligence.And what about flood hitting us every year,We pay millions in terms of compensation money but we are unable to spend the same to save and preempt the catastrophe.Judicial commissions are formed.They do formulate the report although that is published by media house as part of their exclusive story.The culprits are free to roam around.We are not even heading towards betterment.One can see that setting free Gullu Butt,worst flooding,Model town tragedy brought bad name to trio of state pillars.With Pakistan in a state of turmoil owing to IDP’s and floods,Prime Minister headed to U.S and stayed in Most expensive hotel there.After the news,do you really think people will keep themselves glued to slogan of democracy.And by the time,you must have seen your electricity bills,Do you still support this type of dormant democracy. Democracy in Pakistan is Duration Oriented,It should be performance oriented.
Last five years of democracy brought a mammoth of embezzlement stories and that is why democracy is facing the music now.With supreme court in action and vibrant media in reaction,nothing much happened if we think of rule of law being prevailed.And while listening to Bilawal's speech,i was consistently bothering about why the guy kept quiet in his 5 years tenure.We do know the situation of our country with fragile economy and mobile autonomy but above all corruption has no justification.I am not against democracy but yes I believe there should be a difference between democracy and scamocracy
For those who rant dictatorship comes with a package of corruption too,i wanna prompt that dictatorship is a paratrooper form of government.not elected by masses while democracy in it's essence means by the people,for the people,of the people. 
 Why Imran Khan and Dr.Qadri despite all their blunders survived to continue their sit in for that long and with that media lens,was they were talking of people's rights,the slogan was very popular.Pakistan Tehreek Isaf totally converted a political move to somewhat movement for masses.Although it's getting more and more difficult to deliver in KPK,eventhen the conversation from both the containers was actually right..And finally let me say that this is the first Imran Khan,more and more will come in future and will get popular,Only performance will block their way to islamabad and red zone.Belly teaches all the arts,the art to rebel,the art to destroy symbol of democracy,the art to snatch your rights.