Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Social Media,Curse or Reverse

Likes, Retweets Shares and  Uploading will have so much of importance world had never thought of but present era is an era of social media and that totally has changed our living.Everyone refers to social media while quoting a fact or some unusual thing.The famous arab spring that demolished the prodigious Husni Mubarik and Zain Ul Abidin and others basically was the outcome of a huge cyber force totally dependent on social media.These people wearing spectacles totally changed the current situation of their country and now people have realized that Social meda power is now not a claptrap In Pakistan if we look on the issues then we can surely say that social media has a voice taunting one at times.Famous Malik Riaz plated interview scandal,Shaheen Sehbai's interview giving hints about Arsalan case ,Aami Liaquat's abusive video was released on social media first and how many  hits they got ,one can surely imagine.
Maya Khan's resignation from a private television and temporary ban on Veena Malik's show in ramazan all are the consequences of power and dependence on social media.Censored talkshows which are unable to be broadcasted on electronic media are uploaded on social media sites or forums for viewers.
About 2500 complaints were filed on PTA website regarding Veena Malik's show, though it was not totally banned but awareness was still there.
Now a days politicians and talkshow hosts,media celebraties and almost people from every field  are having a profile on social media.Young jialas called trolls depend on this type of media for abusing those who they think are against them.One can easily contact his area  reresentative or even ministers and cheif minister are reliyng on social media to guess their performance.Though they still think that they are popular .
One of the curse of social media is the promotion  of fabricated news around the globe In recent past Samsung was asked to pay Apple 1 billion dollar.Story of the week was samsung paid Apple a billion dollar in 5 cents coin ,unfortunately that was a fake news but it was promoted in seconds over social media.A billion dollar couldn’t be paid in coins.So we need to confirm news from social media from other source too in order to exactly find WHAT'S INSIDE.
I and you people have noticed that a picture on facebook revoles regarding the  submission of complaints to PTA if any fake religiously sensitive content is on internet if you notice, the email address written on bottom of that picture is wrong Moreover  Kaaba bar named pic or building was also promoted on internet but that was a misunderstanding  and nothing was in reality there.
But overall social media is not a curse and we need to mold our attitude for that as discussion on social media sometime goes furious, at that time we should be tolerant enough to face a different opinion contrary to ours.
One more advantage of social media  is that people who cant protest on roads due to some reasons can have their voice registered through social media.Hash tags have changed many things I guess.So social media is changing our lives differently and as a matter of fact it is not a curse