Wednesday, 3 July 2013

To populace it may concern

Nagging the sitting government and sometimes insulting the leaders for their wrong doings has been a habit of my dear fellows and me as well.One should do the same when situation is somewhat like Pakistan but consider for a while,what have you done for your country in your own domain.Have you ever kept on waiting for the signal to turn green when no one is watching you.Have you ever thought of returning someone’s lost mobile phone once you grab it.Borrowing money from people and then relinquishing from returning.Throwing garbage from balcony of your home and criticizing local government for not maintaining a healthy hygienic environment.Why do we kept on waiting for someone who will punish us sadisticly for our wrong doings to rectify ourselves.Manners and norms are transformed once you leave your airport.You speak in a decent manner,You are against littering,Spitting on floor has never been your problem and you find dedicated “Smoking Zone” for relaxation.Why not observing the same rules in your country to make it a paradise to live in.Tall claims loose flavor once you accelerate your 125 in streets.Eve teasing and then posing yourself decent is simply ridiculous.
We talk of corruption in our departments,mainly police.From where the recruitment takes place,yes from the populace.If one can rectify the behavior and attitude of common man corruption and hence all the moral diseases can be stamped out.We tease people in our marriage ceremonies by loud sound of speakers and then clearify it by saying”We have to celebrate and rejuvenate for a day”,to hell with your rejuvenation and enthusiasm.We, as a nation are skyrocketing towards a state of moral bankcrupsy where no one is for noone’s help.Evading tax,taping your electricity meters,Mixing water to milk and bricks to pepper has now become our trademark.One should take notice of his own acts.Trickle down effect too is imperative albeit you can’t exclude yourself from accountability using this TAG.
Why don’t you people pay your rickshaw or cab driver before reaching your destination,Because you are afraid that he will drop you somewhere else once you have rewarded him.While shopping fruits and vegetables,we say that”Fruits will be picked by me and I will pay upto your wish” as we all know that our shopkeepers have mingled good with the bad ones.Who can shun the behaviour of mammoth of people when they wolf down the dinner at a nuptial ceremony.
We live in a country where pilgrims also have to give bribes for better services and then afterall we say that being a muslim state why Allah is not rewarding us.Let me say that clearly Europeans are more honest in their conduct even being non muslim.You can go back and exchange purchased item and they will not swell their mouth.Let me quote a wisdom here ”If you don’t know how to smile,You should not be a shopkeeper”.They follow this simple rule.

Do criticize your representatives but atleast take responsibility of something that relates to you as well.Leaders unite people but united people make stronger nations.