Saturday, 29 December 2012

Pakistan In 2012

An year is not important for nations but experience of an year can be effective regarding future plans.2012 also passed silently but many messages are there for us as a nation.We should cogitate regarding how to curb the difficulties to shuffle the downtrodden society oppressed and maligned.For Pakistan the following incidents took place as under.
January started with a sad news regardng the narrowing health and sad demise of Arfa Karim who was the youngest I.T expert of Pakistan.She fought with the disease but as many people exclaim that good people are short timed regarding life.She died at an age of 16.
In the same month pir Sibghat Ullah more referred as Pir Pagara also died.He was taken via air ambulance to london but he also died.He was a close relative of P.M Yousaf Raza Gillani.
In january Mansoor Ijaz said that he will land Pakistan to record his satement regarding Memo commission which was a raging topic at that time but later he defied to come due to security reasons.One more important and sad news regarding medical fraternity was death toll that increased to 100 due to toxicant medicines supplied in punjab to the cardiac patients.Many a people and inturn families were worstly hit by that.
Cricketing news was that on 7th feb Pakitsan whitewashed England in test series.February was important regarding P.M Yousaf Raza Gillani who was ordered by supreme court to appear before and explain his stance regarding the letter to swiss authorities asking them to reopen the cases.P.M appeared before court and explained his position regarding immunity inherent to president but Supreme court relentlessly said the same thing that letter should be forwarded.
On 14th feb the then P.M Yousaf Raza Gillani was convicted in contempt of court case.That was a sad news for PPPP supporters but courts should be obeyed at any cost and thats what i and many of us beleive.Senate election were grabbing the attention of elected representatives at that time.
Pakistani film maker Sharmeen Obaid Chinnoy won an oscar award for her film"Saving Face" on 27th of february.That was a proud moment for the whole nation as a downtrodden society got something to celebrate.
On 3rd of march 2012 PPPP became the highest party with  most senators in it and with that legislation for more 6 years was confirmed to be done in confabulation with them.
March was important regarding the famous Asghar Khan case which was in supreme court at that time.9th march and Younis Habib appeared before court and said that Ghulam Ishaq Khan had ordered and 340 million were distributed among politicians in past..
A strange incident took place on 17th of march when a rickshaw driver of Lahore protested against inhumane behaviour of traffic police and in a protest climbed a electric pole at band road and got a major airtime of tv channels that day.
On 20th march 2012 P.M Yousaf Raza Gillani expressed mistrust on the bench hearing case against him and  refused to write a letter to swiss authorities.That was a blow.
Last ten days of march were not of trivial importance as people excruciating from loadshedding that was not mitigating at any cost came out of their homes in punjab as punjab turned into a warzone.PML-N also participated in protest and federal govt. bashed PML-N for being in govt. and provoking people to do that.Loadshedding was almost 22 hours a day then according to a newspaper.
Last but not the least on 31st of march Supreme Court of Pakistan declared rental power plants as illlegal and asked govt. to cancel these projects.The idea of rental plants was given by Raja pervaiz Ashraf who was minister for water and power at that time and found this way of eradicating power crises in a swift way.
On 6th of april PML-Q leader and famous as brother of Musharraf,Amir Muqam joined PML-N and with that analyst cogitated whether its the same Mian Nawaz Sharif who in exile was ruthlessly bashing all the companions of Musharraf but now he is shaking hands with them and allowing them to represent PML-N.These turncoats were nevertheless meaningless for Mian Nawaz Sharif while in exile.Amir Muqam was given a post at KPK province too.
7th of april was a doomsday for many a families as our valiant soldiers at Siachen Gyari sector martyred due to a huge ice ball.More than 130 people were martyred in this horrendous incident and rescue teams were confronting with so difficult a situation that is unable to be imaginated even.
11th of april was a notable day for Gillani family when Musa Gillani was served notice by SC regarding the famous Ephiderene case.Musa Gillani then appeared before SC after sometime and the case is still on its way.11th of april and that was birthday of   Gillani brothers as well.
On 13th of april parliament of Pakistan approved recommendations by security commitee.They were mainly riveted regarding drone attacks.
19th of april was a bad day for cricket fans as Bangladesh cricket board refused to visit Pakistan for reviving international cricket.Their court ordered so.
There was a blast in Lahore at railway station on 24th of april.On the same day P.M Gillani reiterated his will that no P.M from Pakistan Peoples Party will write letter to swiss authorities.
May 2012 started with hot weather and crispy news starting from indian allegation on three boys working at hafeez centre Lahore that they are terrorists and are entering India.The same day those boys appeared on Dunya T.V and whooped the indian media.Backlash welcomed India the same day.
Nato supply discussions were on throughout the year and in mid May it was decided to reopen the routes but now with certain regulations.
Babar awan was too a discussed personality in first half of 2012 and president Asif Ali Zardari detached him from the outspoken legal practitioner.Babar Awan was convicted on 17th of may by SC due to his famous BISMILLAH karan style and speech.
On 24th of may speaker of the national assembly said that P.M Yousaf Raza Gillani is not in eligible and i will not send reference against him to election commission.
June has always been hot considering Pakistan.Husni Mubarik was sent to jail for whole of his life on 2nd june due to allegations on him.He wept a lot in court but people of his country mocked him the same day for what he did with them.Pakistani people too discussed his lavish style and reward.
During these days whispering compaign was at its maximum regarding hoax by cheif justice of  Pakistan's son Arsalan Iftikhar and due to that CJ called his son on 6th of june to appear before court and defend the allegations.CJ was praised by people of different walks of society for this.
12th of june was important regarding the famous press talk by property mogul Malik Riaz who alleged CJ and his son and asked questions from him holding the islamic sccripture in his hand.He inquired from CJ how many times he has met me.
Mehdi Hassan a Ghazal singer died on 13th of june.He was suffering from a serious lung and chest disorder.He will be missed by his followers.

Concerning CJ's son case 14th of june changed the sacred perspective of media among people as an off air footage of an interview of Malik Riaz was leaked by a whistleblower of a private T.V channel.Masses and other news anchors labeled it as a cabal against CJ.
Yousaf Raza Gillani was disqualified for 5 years by Sc on 19th of june.
On 21st of june Makhdoom Shahab's name for new P.M after disqualification of yousaf Raza Gillani was taken back as he was under threat regarding Ephiderine case.Raja Pervaiz Ashraf who was covering candidate was then made P.M on 22nd of june .
Young doctors of punjab also protested regarding their service structure in the same month.
Nato supply was finally open on 3rd of july.That was shut down by Nov. 26 2011 after salala incident that was dreadful.
On 16th of july it was decided that Pakistan cricket team will visit india in December 2012.During last days of july loadshedding once again rose to such an extent that agitated masses to fight the battle on roads rather staying at home.
Start of august was not good for PPPP as newly elected P.M Raja Pervaiz Ashraf was served contempt of court notice on the grounds regarding his denial to write letter to swiss authorities.
11th of august was a historic day regarding education when a boy working at a hotel topped B.A in Punjab university exams.He was praised by people and higher authorities as well.Once again lesson of courage and hope won the battle against resources .
On 27th of august supreme court ordered Raja Pervaiz Ashraf to write letter within 22 days to reopen cases against President Asif Zardari
30th of august and supreme court handed over the investigations regarding Arsalan Iftikhar case from NAB to a commission led by Shoaib Suddle.
Start of september grabbed attention regarding Rimsha case of disrespect.She was further released by court on certain grounds including non availability of solid proofs .On 8th of September Indian foreign minister S.M Karishna visited Pakistan.Valable decisions including visa's to businessmen and old age people were taken.High level meetings were conducted.He also visited shrine of Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh Lahore.
11th of september and cries in lahore when a factory caught fire on Band road that took lives of 25 people.Again provincial govt. posed to take steps against unsafe factories but then nothing happened.This horrendous incident was repeated in Karachi the very next day when a chemical factory was burnt to ashes.The intensity of this dreadful scene was keener than Lahore and more than 260 people were laid to rest .
Meanwhile an antiIslamic film was uploaded on internet and Muslims all over the world protested a lot to remove that but recklessly determined extremists voiced their opinion of freedom of speech to rectify the demented deed.
On 18th of september govt. agreed to write letter to swiss authorities.P.M appeared before court and assured them this.
21st of september was declared as Youm-E-Ishq e Rasool and people protested against anti Islamic film with vim,religious fervour and reverence,though some ill minded people destroyed public properties as well.Lahore,Karachi and Islamabad were like war zones.
During last ten days of september S.C discussed Balochistan case and Akhter Mengal also appeared before court.He also gave his 6 points regarding Balochistan and he said these points are like the same devised by Sheikh Mujeeb.
October was of cricketing importance as world cup T20 was nail biting. Pakistan was sailing smooth but in semifinal srilanka crashed pakistan to clear the obstacle towards the final.Pakistani fans were much disappointed at this.Infact people love cricket in this area including asia as a whole.
Malala Yousafzai was shot by miscreants when she was in a van with her friends Ayesha and Kainat.Extremists firt inquired about Mala while entering van and then tried to murder him but when Allah saves one,who is one to confront.Malala was then taken to England and treatment started and she is recovering at a rapid pace now.
12th oct was of prodigious importance regarding balochistan govt. which was declared fail constitutionely by the supreme court.From now onwards a chaos still exists whether balochistan govt. acts are legitimized or not.
One more important date regarding Asghar Khan case is 19th of this month when supreme court said that in 1990's elections rigging element was present and actions should be taken against Gen.Aslam Baig and Asad Durrani.
Eid-Ul-Adha celebrated with religious fervour and revernce.Mobile service was banned in major cities so people preferred social media for cpmmunication and especially twitter for bashing govt.
5th of november was important regarding statements of COAS and CJ.Both uttered their power magnitude.Sikandar Sanam(comedian) also died the same day.
Detailed judgement regarding Asgha Khan case was released on 8th november which stated that Gen.Aslam Baig and Asad Durrani maligned army.
Mobile service was again disconnected on ASHOORA in major cities.Some scary bomb blasts also took lives in Rawalpindi and Karachi too.
Lahore High Court's decision regarding Kala Bagh Dam came on 29th of november which ordered federal govt. to start building the project.Though every party backed he decision but everone kept saying that its not possible without consensus.
4th of december was like a day of triumph for PML-N when they won 6 out of 8 seats in bye elections.They posed it as a trailer of the film to be released in general elections.On the same day Supreme court made an inquiry commission on Lal masjid to probe further regarding casualities and compensation.
Supreme court dissolved suddle commision on 7th of november and ordered to public the report regarding investigations based on Arsalan Iftikhar case.
MQM's leader Altaf Hussain was issued a contempt of court notice by SC on his speech,He was ordered to appear before court on 7th of January.Tahir Ul Qadri was successful in his Lahore jalsa on 23rd of december where he urged changes in whole system and demanded implementation in 18 days.He gathered many a people in his jalsa.Bashir bilor was murdered on 22nd december when he was travelling back after a political gathering.He lost his life  in this suicide attack along with seven others.High officials condemned the attck and uttered their oppinion of carrying on the fight against terrorism.
December was important regarding turkish dramas when Pakistani actors demanded ban on these vulgar dramas in prime time.Many stakeholders were seen on tv shows debating the whole crisis.
Pakistan won the first T20 against India on 25th December also the birth day of great quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Benazir Bhutto's 5th death anniversary was celebrated on 27th of december where Bilawal Bhutto Zardari made a speech and bashed Cj for discrimination against their party.He vowed his sincerity with people in an outspoken manner with vim.
Pakistan lost 2nd T-20 against india on 28th of december.Masses appreciated effort by Green shirts as match was nail biting

Monday, 24 December 2012

Tahir Ul Qadri's Intervention

I dont know the exact day or month when i first came across the billboard with Tahir Ul Qadri staring at me and showing as if he is yelling at me with his slogan SIASAT NAHI RIASAT BACHAO.I crossed the scene  in an unnoticed way as many a leaders came with the similar fashion arousing people to join hands with them in their so called revolution but as the day approached media projection and marketing was so stupendous that everyone was amazed but as the figure of 330 million(33 CRORE) yeah they are 33 not only 3 regarding media projection came,it was shocking.

Coming to the key points of speech.He  was outspoken regarding change in electoral system.But many a people proclaim that his sspeech was vague.He should state clear cut agenda to immplement.18 days regarding the change in system are not sufficient.Tahir Ul Qadri was successful regarding his show.He gathered  masses at Minar E Pakistan.People are also raising big question on his canadian nationality as a dual national can't be a member of parliament.But he is not going into elections I guess.Agencies is still a question following the debate regarding PAT.PAT is acronym for Pakistan Awami Tehreek.As i said people are vowing agencies factor as 33 crore is way awesome as they say that amount is mind boggling.
I was unable to understand one thing and that's why PTI is saying that PAT is saying the same thing what we demanded and infact they are backing PAT.MQM also showed support for PAT and a delegation also participated by them in jalsa.Lastly i am sick of these long march statements..Come out of this decoy and do some pragmatic steps.
Tahir Ul Qadri has been welcomed warmly by people but at the same time people are stating that we don't know whether he will perform good or not.He is a good orator,a stupendous scholar and a pious person but that doesn't guarantee  his performance.He can gather masses as he is leading a prodigious organization but there are many slips between cup and lips so wait and see till his announced date of long march.
A hilarious tweet was retweeted many a times and that was DABBANG 1 was released an year ago and now this is DABANG two.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dub or Dumb

That was a sarcasm based show mocking politicians at times and selecting the hot topic and then making people laugh on that.Yes i saw that show while i was travelling back to Lahore from my bornplace .They showed the famous BEHLOOL and two directors along with him discussing the most controversial drama of the year.The show was based on humor ended likewise but soon many a stalwarts of media started inviting actors and discussed the drama with a new yonra and that was,This drama is against our values and rituals.They discussed was regarding the inclusion of Turkish dramas in Pakistani media and stamping out of Pakistani actors from T.V channels.Now actors can be seen with anchors discussing the issue and main players are Asif Raza Mir,Samina Ahmed,Faisal Qureshi,Saba Hamid,Nabeel,Arshad Khawaja and a lot more who are united and are consistently saying that Turkish and other dramas should be banned from telecasting on Pakistani channels and if thats not pragmatic,they should be avoided to onair at prime time.

This point is wisely stated.One major keypoint in this stance is that Pakistani dramas are making a lot of profit now a days.Channels including HUM,GEO,ARY are producing such type of quality pieces which are contemporary.Likewise MERI LADLI got the highest ratings ever in media industry and what to say of HUMSAFAR that grabbed a prodigious viewership.These are family based dramas and we people are much happy with these type of dramas rather showing disrespect for your own norms.If our dramas have failed entertaining people then we must switch to other type but as far as our dramas arae concerned they are making a triumph regarding entertainment.
Film industry dashed in a same fashion and now they are hell bent to make drama industry worst.
Finally i would request the people of this homeland to avoid following such type of dramas when we have fine,good dramas of our very own actors.Ratings is a crystal ball which determines whether such style should be continued or not.We talk as much against obscenity but practically we haven't done anything.We adorn our drawing rooms with bollywood and then we say that our values are being affected.Suc type of hypocrisy should now be over.
Pull up your socks,stop watching these dramas,tilt towards your own culture,tune Pakistani dramas and praise them.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Has Media Failed In Pakistan

The problem with a comman man in this beloved country including me is that we expect more from anything that delivers or tends to deliver some good for us.Same is a tragedy with media.When prodigious political leaders and corrupt beaurocrats were questioned through talkshows and were made accountable by media,we people felt that now media is a voice of people and no doubt that proved right in many a cases but at the same instant comes the decay of prestige that people owe to media due to skyrocketing expectations hell bent to maline something in their way as obstacle.People thought that a mic and a camera is more powerful than an MNA that tends to resolve their issue.

We need to understand one thing and that's the periphery of media.Media is not here to solve the issues,It is persisting due to the fact that it points the isssue and its govt.'s jobe to eradicate the problem but as i said people consider media tool as a robin hood and when they see that media is following another issue that's of trivial importance according to their spectacles,they say that media is for sale.No doubt there are sheer greviences to be resolved in media industry especially news channels but people need to keep one thing in their mind and that's media is not for sale but a businessman needs to earn money through his organization.Albeit media has done something good for people as well including many a cases that were further addressed by judiciary and somewhat by govt. too.Media played a vital role in floods where everyone including reporters and anchors was pointing towards the areas hit badly by the torrential rain.Moreover media has brushed up civic sense of a man upto some extent though there are still wedding ceremonies where people quarrel with food so as to grab it in a amount thrice the quantity they need at that instant.There are some shortcomings in this industry too as every industry has but what we need to do is to give our feedback to the tv channel.For instance a controversial drama is on air now a days from a channel.Everyone is criticizing the rituals discussed in that drama but beleive me or not that drama got the highest ever ratings in drama industry,Now who is watching the drama,yeah the same people who criticize it in a social gathering.Every drama or talkshow or program has a feedback address given.We just need to write an email to that address and also a complain to PEMRA for anything we don't like on media not only the above discussed yonra but we keep on saying that it will do no favour and here the fault lies.
Finally media is nascent in Pakistan and it will take some time to walk as crawling has many wounds attached with it.Pull up your socks,voice your oppinion,stay firm and express stolidly what you want but in an amicable way not just to share abusive tweets or fake pictures.Medai is for good and it will be further proved as it develops.
We people are the real stakeholders regarding the ratings and yes

Monday, 10 December 2012

Aik Siasat Kaye Kahanian (REVIEW)

Though i am not a great decider ever albeit according to me books are of two types.1 you start reading but don't end 2 you start reading and you regret why it ended.
Today's review of a book falls in category two.Rauf Klasra a renowned journalist of Pakistan has written AIK SIASAT KAYE KAHANIAN .According to him this book was published late and i am writing the review even more delayed than that.
This includes candid interviews of Pakistan's big political leaders which in reality look unpretentious even simple to the stupidity limit but as a matter of fact they are not so when it comes to their interests.
Starting from Ch.Shujaat Hussain's interview where he clearifies how he has been able to grab the major share of government alongwith Gen.Musharraf and leading to many secrets.The meeting of Pervaiz Elahi and Shujaat Hussain was arranged by a businessman in a way that ch.Brothers were sitting in a way where Gen.Musharraf has to cross them.Ch.Brothers came infront of him and then Gen.Musharraf had to meet them unintensionally.
Ch.Shujaat also reveils facts regarding Asghar Khan case that he was also offered money but he is a upright man so he decided not to accept it at any cost.Ch.Shujaat was the first man to meet Pm yousaf Raza Gillani when he was in jail.
he also explains his relations with Gen.Zia Ul Haq and his business success.

Ch.Nisar's Interview is worth reading where his role regardiing the appointment of Gen.Musharrraf was cleared.He is a close friend of Shehbaz Sharif .Once in a meeting he stolidly criticized his miniisters and bashed Nawaz Sharif too.After that he was given a piece of paper by nawaz sharif, exposing his anger .Ch.Nisar still has that paper.Ch.Nisar's big brother was an army official Gen.Iftikhar Ali Khan,so every message from civil leadership to military elite was conveyed by him.It also hints at the fact that Gen Qulli was not appointed as COAS as he was close relative of Gohar Ayub Khan and Ch.Nisar was against him.Ch.Nisar also acccepts that his role in Gen.Zial Ul Haq Govt. was not fair and we must give oppurtunity to elected people.Ch nisar interview reveals that he was very much close to Shehbaz Sharif at that time and he is too maintaining that relation.
Ishaq Dar's interview also covers economic yonra  of Pakistan inn Nawaz Sharif's second term especially when Pakistan was under cloud after nuclear test.Ishaq Dar accepts that freezing of foreign currency accounts was a big mistake theirgovernment commited at that time.Ishaq dar's son has married to Nawaaz Sharif's daughter.Ishaq Dar also says that Musharraf breifed aa saudi delegation in such a bad manner that Nawaz Sharif was angry on him.Ishaq Dar also discloses more facts revealed in the book.A deal of two billion dollars oil with saudi arabia has been discussed in this interview too.
Asif Zardari's interview confirms the fact that he has changed after living 10 years in jail.Now he dont beleives everyone and he says that Jail is Jail no matter who much luxurious you are in Jail.He was offered deal many a times but he refused to accept that.Asif Zaradi also said that Nawaz Sharif has excused from him through naveed chaudhery of his past behaviour and he(Asif Zardari) has forgotten everything..An important thing in interview is that when he was asked about Musharraf at that time Asif Zardari said that we should give a safe passage to him despite the fact that people are against this notion.
And people saw that when he became president,Musharraf left the country with guard of honour.That special flight was also discussed in which mr.Zardari travelled from dubai to Pakistan but as they reached Pakistan Zardari sb. went with S.P mubeen who was having his warrants and journalists were beated brutally by punjab police commandoes.Its a book worth reading.
Now coming to Mian Nawaz Sharif Interview.Nawaz Sharif looked changed during his exile.Recitation of Quran was a part of routine for people around him.He looked serious at that time when he was in Jeddah.I will directly come to the the story of Nawaz Sharif's return to Pakistan discussed in book.Accorrding to author,many a journalists were with him on flight and Mustafa Khar was also trying to remain infront of camera.At last moment Sharif family posed that Mian Nawaz Sharif has restrained Shahbaz Sharif from going Pakistan but in actual that was well planted plan.Flight was delayed owing to a false news that a person has got heart attack.That was done so that plane should land at Islamabad at nearly 11 O clock so that people should come in mamooth.Islamabad airport was surrounded by police.Mustafa Khar ran away when Nawaz sharif was Arrested and was sent back via special plane present on airport.(I cant describe the whole scene that respected Rauf Klasra has depicted).
I am closing this article owing to the fact that you should grab a copy as i can't carry one with that yonra that it exhibits.
It also includes interview of Faisal Saleh Hayat,Mir Zafar Ullah Jamali,Aftab Ahmed sherpao,Shahid Hamid,Gen.Qulli,Z.A bhutto(translated)and others.Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani interview is worth reading in which it is exposed that Musa Gillani was sent abroad on advice of author as his extraodinary intervention in govt. actions was not normal.
This book is wisely named as aik sisat kaye kahanian.
A MUST READ BOOK.Excerpts from the book can be read at