Thursday, 26 May 2016

Abid Sher Ali on Twitter: A Candid Autopsy

We are living in age of social networks.Be they social messengers like whatsapp or snapchat or web interpretations of them like Facebook or Twitter,everyone is busy mingling with his status or tweet.
As in case of pakistan,people prefer facebook over twitter for the reason that it's trendy,easy to use and interactive.
But our political elite on the other side grabs a much fair space on microblogging site twitter.From uploading their Being Awami pictures to flaunting their political excellence they don't lag behind and some of them remain active while replying to their supporters and peers as well.

But we have a politically notorious celebrity going by the handle @AbidSherAli on twitter,is the current Minister for Water and Power.Hailing from the city Faisalabd known for traditional repartee,Abid maintains to connect with his people on ground and on cyber ground as well.

But at times he crosses the limit while slamming his political opponents. Abid sher Ali is a political player and he must berate his opponents as everyone does but he gives a damn to limits of social decency in his tweets.With followers nearing 2 Lacs, Abid keeps on slamming Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and Imran Khan in particular.Just to clear the air that i don't mind anyone criticising Khan and his party but political animosity has its borders.With scores of logical spots to bash Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf,Minister opts to go below the belt.
Following is a summary of his tweets many consider lousy.

Have a look and review whether a MINISTER should be of that intellect to safeguard your rights.
 Remember he is being followed by over 45 prominent journalists/anchors and most importantly Maryam Nawaz Sharif also follows the tweets of the minister.

And another one

Another one

The list goes on

Brace yourself here's another one

Sorry for all these lousy tweets.I was able to browse through current month (MAY) tweets of the minister.
The point is not criticism. Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf got serious flaws in their policy but the way a minister behaves online with followers nearing 2 hundred thousand is simply clumsy.
Leaving you with the conundrum that had he been a minister in some cultured society with this gibberish.??

Certainly NOT from my side

(Many of his indecent tweets have been sensored by me PLUS the images available on google referring to his tweets depict a more deplorable state of intellect but as they are images so i thought to embed his original tweets just to clear the air regarding Photoshop)

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Sadiq Khan:Another thing to love London

"Today was an amazing victory for hope over fear and for unity over division – and it simply would not have been possible without your help."
This was the latest tweet by the newly elected Mayor of London Sadiq Khan who bagged triumph against Zac Goldsmith.I don't need to bother about the fact that Zac is Brother of jemima and ex Brother in Law of Imran Khan,Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e insaf.
London has always been a hub of culture, civilization and trendy trends.It's worth mentioning that First traffic light signal was installed in London back in 1868 but sadiq Khan's victory installed another political light signal for world to follow.

In a Christian but secular community Khan's wins over Goldsmith enlightened the world with a new political reality that Religion which is almost the most sacred and identity pointer for anyone falls on a stony ground when it comes to London.
Zac Goldsmith a tall smart multi-millionaire guy apparently was a much stronger candidate than Khan,a Muslim,Not so rich,with a humble background but Zac forgot one thing,This is London,a land of people from diverse culture and background not drenched in hatred which ZAC was proliferating.He was playing religion card against sadiq that didn't stimulated intellectual cords of the masses.

And what we need to grab from all this is sense,Sense regarding how to elect and whom to reject.Can we simply imagine son of a bus driver and more importantly from another religion  becoming  mayor of a capital in this hate torn society we call "Land of Pure" and pretty recently we saw in our neighborhood,Narendra modi a man who worked at a tea stall becoming prime minister of India.One can say that Modi won due to hate factor against Muslims and not due to his TEA selling factor but on the contrary,opinion polls refer ZAC Goldsmith's defeat due to the same hate factor he sold against sadiq Khan.Londoners rejected his ideology against muslims although they are still recovering from wounds of 7/7 Bombings which were allegedly done by some radical people who called themselves muslims and remember Sadiq Khan was Member of parliament that time from tooting. Zac also wrote an op ed titled " Are we really going to hand the world’s greatest city to a Labour party that thinks terrorists are its friends” but his effort to link terrorism with Muslims proved futile.

We in Pakistan need to borrow this openness,the freedom to vote sensibly,rationally and more consciously in an effort to make this society an epicenter of tolerance.More importantly Americans need to grab their part of wisdom from this London election as they are all set to elect real estate mogul Donald trump as their president.Though he hasn't grabbed the final lead against other moderate candidates but he is surprising the world regarding his fair margin victories in a cultured society like America.Trump also vowed to ban entry of Muslims in America once he becomes president.Another racial comment was about constructing a wall with Mexican border so infact Americans need to know that hate factor isn't going to take them anywhere,performance and prejudice are incomparable.Being a current super power with an extremist mindset president like trump would be a threat to the world.

We in pakistan need to be more tolerant.Instead of borrowing only fashion from England ,we need to Mortgage these political values and realities against our filthy corrupt ethinic culture.Sadly,had he been in Pakistan with opposite religion to mainstream one,he wouldn't have been a deputy councillor even.

Thumbs Up London,Felicitations Sadiq Khan

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

From Mtv to Mecca ........A Review

From Mtv to Mecca as is evident from the name is a journey of PEACE that transcends from Glossy,Glittering,Glamerous Nights of Showbiz to serenity,Peace,religion and selflessness.Though the title depicts a “Poles away “ subject but in fact the MTV Presenter Kristiane Backer paved an easy way to everyone reading it.With that diverse spectrum of subject,one can imagine a complexity but the book isn’t a bumpy ride of intellectual exercise for the reader rather it’s a calm,pause pleasing and at the same time a page turner type of book.
The Author has completely but not complexly described her journey as when she was a showbiz Mogul to the time when she embraced Islam through many friends one of them is a Pakistani.At one time the Author and Pakistani were all set to marry but things didn’t work like that.That’s a part of the story though not to be missed.
The book encapsulates tiny religious details and when I was hovering over the book I was confused at times as how a converted Muslim was able to identify and research those minute details regarding Islam.At one point you will think that the book is by a famous religious scholar of World but then you will recity and say o No the author is a Pakistani,but you realize that Kristiane backer belonged to germany and is a converted Muslim.
Her Merital life is also discussed in the book.The tough and painful part of the book comprises of this topic.The  interesting thing is that her first marriage didn’t work but winded up in a peaceful calm way but the second adventure regarding marriage was a painful story for her when both loved each other but the over necessary conservativeness of her Husband(In her opinion) lead to disaster.

The famous 9/11 is also discussed and the horrific impact of the incident on Muslims living in east is also readful.I and more importantly the author believes that this misadventure wasn’t any sort of service to muslims rather it was dreadful to muslims and the world over.Islam means peace,He who violates it,misses the true spirit of religion.
The masterpiece covers the religious sacred journey of Mecca twice once for umrah and the other for hajj.
Although one can differ but I can safely say that this book covers the dark side of some of the muslims,those who are muslims and even practicing one but not following the true spirit of islam.I would like to wind up with an incident that Backer quoted that once she took her friend Bob to a sufi gathering led by Sheikh Nizam.Bob listened to the sermons and that evening ended.Some days later,bob reached the place of Kristiane Backer and showed her the newspaper that was supposedly saying that”Bob has embraced Islam”.That saddened Kristiane as why the speculators decided to do this.One of the followers of Sheikh took the picture of Bob and sent that to newspapers.Bob obviously was poisioned by this act of a Muslim.It also affected his PR.
The reason why I chose this incident is nature of my fellows on social media.They see a rumor,mostly about someone famous converting to islam and then share it without any research.We must get to know of importance of truth.

The Pakistani who was about to marry Kristiane Backer was none other than Imran Khan.
Though the book is a book of great one liners but I thought to share this one to close my review

“Our soul  purpose is our sole purpose in  life”