Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dub or Dumb

That was a sarcasm based show mocking politicians at times and selecting the hot topic and then making people laugh on that.Yes i saw that show while i was travelling back to Lahore from my bornplace .They showed the famous BEHLOOL and two directors along with him discussing the most controversial drama of the year.The show was based on humor ended likewise but soon many a stalwarts of media started inviting actors and discussed the drama with a new yonra and that was,This drama is against our values and rituals.They discussed was regarding the inclusion of Turkish dramas in Pakistani media and stamping out of Pakistani actors from T.V channels.Now actors can be seen with anchors discussing the issue and main players are Asif Raza Mir,Samina Ahmed,Faisal Qureshi,Saba Hamid,Nabeel,Arshad Khawaja and a lot more who are united and are consistently saying that Turkish and other dramas should be banned from telecasting on Pakistani channels and if thats not pragmatic,they should be avoided to onair at prime time.

This point is wisely stated.One major keypoint in this stance is that Pakistani dramas are making a lot of profit now a days.Channels including HUM,GEO,ARY are producing such type of quality pieces which are contemporary.Likewise MERI LADLI got the highest ratings ever in media industry and what to say of HUMSAFAR that grabbed a prodigious viewership.These are family based dramas and we people are much happy with these type of dramas rather showing disrespect for your own norms.If our dramas have failed entertaining people then we must switch to other type but as far as our dramas arae concerned they are making a triumph regarding entertainment.
Film industry dashed in a same fashion and now they are hell bent to make drama industry worst.
Finally i would request the people of this homeland to avoid following such type of dramas when we have fine,good dramas of our very own actors.Ratings is a crystal ball which determines whether such style should be continued or not.We talk as much against obscenity but practically we haven't done anything.We adorn our drawing rooms with bollywood and then we say that our values are being affected.Suc type of hypocrisy should now be over.
Pull up your socks,stop watching these dramas,tilt towards your own culture,tune Pakistani dramas and praise them.

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