Thursday, 26 April 2012


A lot of discussion on news channels and huts is going on regarding today's verdict of supreme court and a couple of my friends also asked about my views on this.I thought why should i restrain from doing analysis on such an issue.First of all i think that the decision is wise and unbiased.Supreme court has given a message that we can punish the sitting prime minister though the puninshment longed for half a minute but that is enough to tell someone, something.PPPP is also not so much worrried about the decision. A traditional opposition is there as it happens in our country after general elections and verdicts but overall legislative brains of the party are satisfied as they were expecting more in terms of punishment.One thing more that people said that Pm is continuing his post.Yes SC has given punishment and he has fulfilled it.SC has not ordered PM to resign from his post.People are saying that he should resign on moral grounds and yes PPPP should think about it as it will definitely set an example for others to come but its not compulsory,If our people can temper their electricity meters then they should not ask PM to resign.Pakistan is going through an evolutionary process and this punishment is satisfactory at this point of time.Nations are not shaped overnight.Our people refer to examples of such a countries that have existed some 500 years back. People should also not protest against this verdict as courts are full and final and we should eradicate this concept of protest after unpopular decisions.

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Now a days when we talk of the problems of PAKISTAN then we say that terrorism is the biggest problem but ENERGY crises comes very next to it.If there is no energy then nothing can be expected in terms of economy and welfare.Economy drives a country but ENERGY drives the economy.Industrial revolution is possible only when we have energy.Infact everything relies on energy.Energy is the driving force of everything.When we will not add a single WATT for 7-8 years then we will face the situation like this.Actually noone takes the ownership of this country.President Musharrraf ruled solely for 8 years but he never thought of this  problem for the future.PPPP government ruled for 4 years but situation is still the same.We need to work on alternative sources of energy like solar energy.We have expertise but problem is the utilization of this technical force.We can also collaborate with china,turkey and IRAN in this regard but the problem is the same.Noone takes serious and immediate actions to resolve the issue.Wind energy and solar energy should be utilized.Sun glows for maximum time in Pakistan but we just use it to dry our clothes instead of making it as energy extractor.Many countries have opted solar energy a decade back but unfortunately we are not in a position to opt it even in 2020.We need to discover renewable energy sources.Civil nuclear technology is best to eradicate this problem .If AMERICA can join hands with us in fight against terrorism then we should also convince America to help us us in this regard.Cicil nuclear technology is the need of the hour.
We are producing degree oriented electrical engineers instead of research oriented  technical force.They should be asked to work on this energy crises.
One more thing that we must improve is the security situation of our country so that investors can have an oppurtunity to invest more in Pakistan especially the foreign investors.  

Moreover RAJA pervaiz ahsraf has joined  ministry of I.T so we CAN expect loadshedding in BYTES rather than WATTS in near future. hehe