Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Tale of Karachi

The glittering lights of the city,the eateries of Tariq road,the splashing sound as the waves collide and the glamerous shopping malls,that was the identity of economic hub of Pakistan a few years ago but then influences and interests changed the whole yonra and  splashing sound turned into the horrifying relentless sound of bullets fired relentlessly and the embiane finally became scary.

People literally were restrained to their homes and tourism demolished that was a constant need of the city.Loashedding added fuel to fire when people never said in retro style that this is city of lights.Whole of the environment was entrapped in gloomy clouds of fear and zero tolerance and brutal killings became a trademark of the city.Dolmen mall lost glamour,Tariq road lost attraction and politicial and sectarian voilence made the city flavourless.Now no one in Pakistan wants to visit the city for the sake of rejoicing,Everyone fears as life is precious.Musharraf regime was bashed many a times regarding their decisions but Karachi was not so ruthless in that era.Last 5 years been a constant threat to natives of the city.Democracy is the best revenge stated many a times but people remained confused as to which the revenge is referring to Either dictatorship or people of the country.When your economic hub is on fire and you are enjoying immunities and appointing new direcors and rejuvenating in dinners what to expect then.
I have never been to the city but its my utmost desire to wander with a sense of security and peace in Karachi but it seems so unlikely at this point of time.I want to sit silently beneath a tree in scorching sun,I want to feel the splash,the waves produce as they interact,I want to have a long drive flying over the roads and beneath them,i want to see the cultural festivity that was once an identity of the city,I want to see drama industry that’s shifted to Karachi prospering due to the peaceful and charming atmosphere,I want to see this land as the land of Oppurtunities.
I  still hope that a day will come when people will too consider Karachi an option for perfect living and these plunderers and miscreants will vanish.I expect that a day will come again when international journals will have to place Karachi in the list of cities in which London and Peris are known for.I wish that this city will revive with the same spirit and it should.I pray for the city and urge the next government to seriously look into the matter as economics drive nations and so Karachi drives Pakistan with its high rise buildings and lavish economic centres.Across the board accountability is the ultimate solution to the problems of the city and with zero political influence.