Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ramazan Bliss or ...??

Holly month of Ramazan has finally been kicked off and with that people have started thinking whether it is a bliss for muslims or a compromise otherwise and that  is all due to the hell bent motivation of our businessman to earn what he can and to progress by leaps and bounds
In developed or somewhat decent societies on such religious eve prices are not skyrocketing as we observe in our grim conditions where people instead of grabbing the ajar are in a race that's surely perpetuating to save for their generations and themselves irrespective of the destination that i t will finally lead to
A common man thinks of releif and has a perception that this month will bring  happiness and bliss to his home but these culprits  make this holy month much bitter for those people
And sorry to say these slavedriver for earning are from the same muslim community who think that saving money will be an asset for them irrespective of the dreaded route they opt.They just earn profit by saving food items and then releasing in a controlled manner so as to increase their prices.These are hoarders.
Govt. too can make effort to grab the items from these profiteers but these people should also know that recklessly determined mindset to earn can one day paralyse the society and they too will be helpess in case a disaster occurs.
One shhould fear form Allah to do all this.If you are not in a position to lower the prices albeit you should fix them or mitigate   the effect of sky high prices in Ramazan.What to say of the government .Govt. is busy in solving a million dollar question as to how they can avert Supreme Court for writing that mysterious letter to swiss govt. for reopening of cases against president Zardari and co.
Govt. passed the contempt of court law bill in a week or so but for the problems we are facing govt. meeckly says we are working and yes they are so lazy that they havn't solved loadshedding issue in 4 years and this ramazan also people are suffering from the same issue.
Govt. is just doing slactivism for reducing the prices of food in this holy month but its the the duty of businessmen to oblige the people in this regard.
Finally hats off to those businessmen (not of our country ) which on the eve of christmis and other events reduce the prices by upto one half.You people are awesome in this regard and we feel ashamed of that contrary behaviour of our own people.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

I Have A Dream

Touchstone of success has never been imaginations and dreams but to have them is also a part andd parcel of one's life.They too can be achived with perpetual effort not by slactivism.
I have a dream that a day will come when our country will be amonst those who decide the fate of others but not in a brutal way.
I have a dream that a day will come when noone will be knowing the name of the president and primeminister of this country due to the fact that they will not be in limelight due to better performance and zero scandal rate.
A day will come when our people will be protesting against the global warming rather loadshedding ,when stooges will be depleted
 and a beguiling torchbearer will be there for us
A day will come when people will not cordon off their houses at night.
We will be having a  relentless sources of joy and pleasure
When people will be owing this country in real sense and not as an ostensible purpose, merit will be the only reason for someone's success
When doctors will be knowing their dutiesand  engineers will be aware of what they are constructing
When everyone will be following their aptitude
When sportsmen wll play for Pakistan rather playing with Pakistan. People will tilt towards their art work including film,drama,documentry and will be hell bent to watch that only
When sky is the limit for slave driver of this nation
When water will be clean and more cleaner the shadow it develops and roads will be repleting of decency
When people will be eager to live more due to the fine tuning of breath due to air adorned with peace
When a mother will not be worried for a child as if he would return or not
When physique  and grandeur will not be the criteria for someone's opulence and technology will emerge from this land and not in a superfluous manner.
When olympics will held here in a calm and peaceful manner
When books will be purchased here more than cosmetics
and privilege will be to bein the vicinity of intellectuals
When wrong will be wrong and right will so be
When old homes will be converted to rubble
Industries will work 24/7 and manpower will be harnessed to increase rank of the country  and people will compare their internet download speed with that of Pakistan
Ghost schools will be of oxford status and free at the same time.When people will be decent and will meeckly cross others on super highway.When shopkeepers will be having the same quality of food beneath superficial layer.But for that everyone has to play his role for the success of this mission which is not a mission impossible but our attitude definitely pose a threat to that sweet dream.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Seeing Is Beleiving

Seeing is beleiving is a common proverb we hear not a lot but beleive a lot.
Utilizing this proverb to political parties in Pakistan we have two major political parties that owe mendate right at the moment in Pakistan i.e PPPP and Pml-N .
We wander on the streets and watch Punjab Govt.'s Taxi roaming around and the next road we see rapid bus transport making its way to completion.While going around in universities we see people handling Laptops given by Cm punjab on merit.
Talking of the housing facilities we have ASHIANA housing scheme for under previleged people and people too have purchased roti  on a low price(Though that scheme haven't longed for a long time but persisted for a time).We see CM wandering here and there for the early completion of megaprojects started in Lahore and other traces of punjab.Though many of the projects and hurry of him ends in  zero  like Drugs scandal and repeated strikes of people from different departments including Doctors,Professors,Clerks,Nurses but people see that someone is here for us to heal our wounds upto a limited extent though.
On the other hand when we see PPPP wasting time in making constitutional amendments we see that people do not consider it a better way to serve the country.For instance removal of 17th amendment just helped head of another political party because it said that no one can be PM of this country thrice.So that was for a single personality of this country.Likewise we see many achievements of PPPP in prodigious constitutional books and a common man has nothing to do with these legal parameters

.PPPP is good in making constitution and laws look well but we have not seen any ground relief for the people of this country.Benazir Income Support though is serving families but something has to be done for white collar class too.They are also part of this country and PPPP needs to do a lot for them because they are also their voters.PPPP hasn’t done anything that can be seen on ramp but Pml-N surpassed them in this regard.I still say that Punjab govt. still is facing corruption charges and allegations regarding mismanagement in projects but people have something in their home or on road that belongs to Punjab govt. and that is a thing neede to be appreciated
People are not stooges so that they obey without questioning.Now they snatch their rights if not provided otherwise and they want parties to perform on ground.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Millionaire Next Door

  I usually don't read books whether of syllabus or any other domain and that's a bad habit indeed but certain books when studied gave a strong message  that yes books are to be read and not be put aside.
Today i decided to give a review of a book i read a while ago and the title of the book is "The Millionaire Next Door" by "Thomas J Stanely & William D Danko".

Actually it's a broad based survey on millionaires living in U.S .It converges on their lifestyle,how they achieved this Millionaire tag,what they buy and how they buy.
Regarding the education millionaires are never healthy and it shows in this book .Only 17% of millionaires attended private high school,18% have master's degree,8% have law degree,6% have medical degree and only 6% are having Ph.D degree.
So education is not a must for becoming rich.Education can uplift you from rags to riches but that's not mendatory.
Regarding gender it is said that men make more wealth than women.Reason not explained in the book.
One more edge we consider about millionaires is that they enjoy  Inheritance but this book clearly negates this, Only 19% receive income from a trust fund or estate and fewer than 20% inherited 10% of the wealth .More than half never received as much as $1 in inheritance and that's really mind boggling.They worked hard and made their lives.One more thing is that fewer than 10% beleive they will receive inheritance Finally a figure of 84% of those who became millionaires without receiving inheritance will make you think  that why we are not millionaires when we enjoy the same features as they have .80%  american millionaires are first generation rich means that their parents or anccestors were not rich.
Above discusion affirms the one liner of Bill Gates:
“ If you’re born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake"
Focussing the llifestyle of millionaires ,it's not as lavish as someone thinks as stat's don't lie Half of the millionaires purchase cloth for $ 399, not a prodigious figure  i guess,They spend $140 on shoes.
Last thing i want to quote here from tthe book is the most interesting one and that's how they  became millionaires and what are the guidelines for becoming millionaires.
A general perspective regarding the millionaires of their countless spendings without any audit or accountability is totally wrong and its  not superfluous  to make a budget of your expenses.It says:
"They became millionaires by budgeting and controlling expenses and they maintain their affluent status the same way".
120 is the figure who make budget against 100 who don't make it.
Even 62.4% of the millionaires know how much they spent on food,shelter,clothing by their family.
Regarding plastic money,American Express Platinum is possessed by 6.2%,Diner's Club by 3.4% and carte Blanche by 0.9% among 385 total of credit cards.

Finally an excerpt from the book is worth reading and i am just pasting it here from the book as it is:
"These people cannot be millionaires! They don't look like millionaires, they don't dress like millionaires, they don't eat like millionaires, they don't act like millionaires--they don't even have millionaire names. Where are the millionaires who look like millionaires?"