Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Living in a media age is always exhausting when you are continuously surrounded by cluster of news,more bad and less good but they way breaking news happens in our country is really superfluous.News by definition is an unusual thing that happens and moreover breaking news in a sense will be something more than extraordinary but sorry to say in our media breaking news is as casual as 1+1=2.

Consider for instance what happens on our channels is that the ticker keeps on maintaining red status.People are also red alert by these tickers but after sometime when they realize what happened it appears nothing.Now what type of breaking news are shown by our media.Let's have a look:
1  PM meets president.Country's overall situation discussed.
2  Bollywood new film now in cinemas.
3  Meera's  watch lost.
4  Shahid afridi fell down while shopping in mall.
5  Federal minister meets a delegation.
6  CM punjab travelled by bus.
7  New item song underway.
8  Police arrested 3 minor gangs.
9  Federal cabinet meetup started.
10 Renowned justice challaned on highway

This is just a glimpse of what we daily watch flickering on our screens and moreover if you think really that they are breaking news and i am wasting my time  here then sorry to say most of the breaking news are from MYSTERIOUS 'SOURCES' which can never be found even by a big magnifier.These sources are used to detach yourself from news if they are proved fake.
These are just the breaking news in our society otherwise i seriously think that most of these are not even upto the standard of news.Now whats shocking in a meeting between two dignitries of the country and whats horrifying in a challan case but our media keeps on relying on these type of crispy news for just to get ratings but people on the otherside consider it bad to be always in a state of sensationalisation.
people are needy of food and health care facilities but our media is not more focusing on these issues as they are not masala type.If someone wants to cover these issues then he sustains for 2-3 months and his show or airtime is banned due to low ratings.
Media tycoons should focus on  the real problems of society instead of glorifying a problem of a diplomat or a beaurocrat that's even not a problem.Moreover its our own duty to give our feedback to tv channels that we dont like or if we have a suggestion then we must share it.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


During the month of march this year,a competition was organized by message welfare trust in collaboration with master paints and punjab government.The purpose of this campaign was to paint different walls of lahore to make them look beautiful and at the same time it was considered a protest against wall chalking that destroys our walls and also promotes unnecessary opposition among different sections of society.It was a wonderful experience to be a part of this practical campaign as we painted a wall on egerton road on march 4th 2012.
First of all an overwhelming majority was present in alhamra lahore for the opening ceremony of this campaign.We all were briefed about what to do next and where to paint your wall and in which manner we should complete this work.On 4th march we all were excited as to what will be done next but then we were given paint,brushes,water,oil and other things necessary for that.We were participating for the first  time in this campaign so we didn't prepare a beautiful drawing to be painted but managed to paint what we wanted.we showed a contrast of present PAKISTAN with the PAKISTAN of future and we depicted that our future is very bright.We were also given lunch by the management and everything was done gracefully and the purpose of campaign was awesome too.All the 120 teams (650 participants) of the day that were painting walls completed their work till 5pm and then a photograph was taken of the walls with their participants.Eacch team contained 5 members and three weekends were selected for painting(4,11,18 march).A total of about 130 teams(650 participants) painted johar town,and on 18th march 800 participants painted walls of Gulberg

.And then on 23rd of march  biggest canvas painting in the history was painted by 1306 students from the same teams who were selected for that same  campaign.National hockey stadium was selected for this biggest painting.This hopefully will be endorsed by guinese world record and surely another record will be grabbed by passionate PAKISTANI people.Certificates of participation were also given to both wall and biggest painting contestants.A jubilent closing ceremony (though much awaited) was also arranged in Aiwan e iqbal lahore to give away the certificates.Participating in such campaigns is surely a life time experience and message welfare trust is pondering over to extend this campaign to other cities of PAKISTAN to show thhe hatred against wall chalking.Thesse type of campaigns are healthy in a sense that they develope a consciousness in people to keep their area clean.     

All the wall paintings and world's largest painting can be viewed here

Friday, 11 May 2012

PTI, illusion or solution

Now a days where ever we go we observe that the talk of the town about politics is that WHETHER PTI WILL BE ABLE to surpass other parties in the coming elections.There are as many oppinions as men but a common thing is that people now want change and IMRAN KHAN has become popular among people due to the inefficiency of the present govt. both provincial and majorly  federal.People look tilted towards this newly popular party as they sense some change to be produced by this crew but at the same time people have totally nullified this in bye elections by electing people from the same part who is ruling right now.One major difference is HIT AND TRIAL,we haven't seen the performance of PTI so we are hopeful at this point of time but track record of IMRAN KHAN confirms the fact that he is a revolutionary man and wants PAKISTAN a prosperous country.His portfolio includes welll equipped hospital and well managed university but at the same time people should not expect change overnight from him.PTI is also inculding representatives from other parties and that is damaging its purity but they are also right by saying that if leader is not corrupt then subordinates will never do corruption or any activity lethal to country but it is a fact that PTI has grabbed youth and surely youth is in fist of this lucky party.They have got street muscle and they are continuously showing it in their gatherings.This party is still facing challenges as their opponents are very much seasoned and have been in politics since early times.It will never be an easy task to beat them and as IMRAN KHAN says we will clean sweep in the coming elections, I don't think so.PTI fans might be angry at this stance but it is a reality that PML-N,PPPP,PML-Q,MQM,ANP,JI,JUI and other parties also have a vote bank and they are also well equiped with experience,tacts and tricks.They will not allow newly born party to interven in their interests.SOcial media teams of PTI are over active and many a times detrimental to party's popularity.PTI also says that IMRAN KHAN is not given proper coverage but this is not true.Now a days PTI is the most covered party in my oppinion and moreover if you are performing well then you shoulld not bother about coverage.PTI should work on its way .People of this country should also learn something from their past experirnce and they should elect representatives and not just vote on the TAG of party.Concluding remarks about this party is that they will be able to form a major opposition party in the coming elections and can play their role in this capacity.If they are elcted by people then surely they have to bring something change and they will definitely go for it.

Saturday, 5 May 2012


The most popular stance in our country is to blame the higher authorities in order to hide your own mistakes or to become popular or more liked by people but we don't even stand to think that these leaders are from us,they are not imported from uganda,they are our own people living in our constituencies.It means that we as a whole are corrupt in our domain.A shopkeeper selling expired items is also corrupt but if you talk to him he will say that these leaders have ruined us .He doesn't admits that he is also doing corruption in his domain.He is having no access to major organizations but he is doing mismanagement in his own periphery .It is a mind boggling fact that only 2% of our people are tax payee but we expect the governance of highly advanced countries where people themselve give more tax than actual .I also beleive that these leaders are also not giving more to us,they are doing scams but we also are a part of the society and we should also play our part.Our businessmen are corrupt,our shopkeepers are corrupt,our clerks are corrupt,our policemen are corrupt and even our anticorruption officers are corrupt,this applis to most of people but not  all."FISH  ROTS FROM THE HEAD" is a common comment on this type of content but society too matters.When we cant save energy at our homes how can we expect leaders to do that.In my oppinion people shape the nations and leaders emerge from this same nation and moreove who are responisble for sending them to legislative assemblies.We people are there to support these leaders when they are growing.One more question arises,we in daily life come across people of our own area and are many a times deceived by them now who is responsible for this daily life corruption,offcourse we people.I heard someone  saying that chinese people never iron their clothes owing to the fact that it consumes a lot of energy,CHINA is not facing any electricity shortage but people are aware of the energy waste but here we and i even are not ready to forego our lavish glamerous lifestyle.So first of all we should mend our ways and once we are neat and clean then we should also bring these high people to justice.And as Ahmed faraz sb said: