Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Why PTI??

When we talk of the prominent political parties in Pakistan,we have two options PML N and PTI the later is not nascent but gained popularity in last two years.PPPP on the other hand has jolted Pakistan with massive benchmarks of corruption and mismanagement.Intriguing question which everyone pursuits now a days is whether you support PTI or PML N.I must say that i am not a troll of PTI and just a voter of Pakistan and being a citizen i can have a choice among the two.The reason why I admire PTI is not vague.We have seen
that Imran Khan committed that we will give 25 percent tickets to youth.At that time I thought that this is just an emotional outburst seeing youth infront of your roastrum.I thought that he should not make promises,he dare not not fulfill but the time came when actually youth were given more than 25 percent tickets.
Another commendable act is intra party elections.Many allegations were there for the party that elections are not transparent in some places like Lahore.Having accepted the allegations you simply can’t shun other parts of the country where these were held with zero malign factor.One more thing is that someone has taken initiative of conducting elections within the party.By the time intra PML N  forces will also demand the same.We were listening to inceptors saying that parties should conduct intra party elections.Now there is a party with 80000 elected not selected members.
One more thing,i simply can't understand why we have a volatile memory that is disrupted with a single emotional gimmick.I have myself heard politicians saying that parties should give policies before elections as to how they will solve the difficulties faced by their state.PTI is the only party that has given education,local govt. ,Anti corruption,special education policy.
Now there is a party that is completing homework before contesting elections.
Yes political gurus while watching time from their wrist watch claim that PTI is not experienced,O please do you people want those people back who have a full time doublet or triplet experience of corruption.They manage police as if they are their personal asset.
If PML N comes into power,mark my words there will be no change in Police culture and land revenue what we call patwari system and if people want leaders having 40 crore security expenses per anum then it’s their choice.One can't stop someone to dig the grave for himself if he is hell bent for that.
Talking of the developement works that were there for people in reaction to the triumph that PTI got after Lahore jalsa.The projects including laptops,solar panels,yellow cab and lastly metro were simply economics based.No vision was there in these projects.
If you think metro is a revolution kindly find time and have a look at mayo hospital Lahore.You will feel that metro bus system is an unnecessary luxury for us.We dont have clean drinking water,we are lacking security,Bomb blasts are converting masses into pieces,street crime is now a business but were are enjoying and selling metro for political point scoring.
Danish school system,see the logic "We want to give high standard education to poor people".Can i meekly ask my dear fellows what class of society is inducted in Govt. schools.Yes people from downtrodden area are there so you should spend in those govt. schools to improve quality of education but you are building new buildings for just to show yourself kindhearted.
I begin to laugh when my fellows say that PTI is helping PPPP.Seriously who was in coalition govt. in Punjab for more than 3 years and who in coalition approved 3 constitutional amendments and more over who is
ready to take oath from President Zardari after coming into power,Yes Mian Nawaz Sharif is ready to take oath from president but Imran Khan clearly says he will not take oath under his presidency.
After proven Asghar Khan case in supreme court stating that Nawaz Sharif and others took money from ISI to tilt elections in their favour why you should vote that party.But people still feel that PML N is an asset for this country.
After 5 years of denial regarding the agreement between Sharif family and saudi officials the last day they accepted that agreement is for 5 years not for 10.
Still if you wanna go for PML N its your choice.
Fiercest strife is expected in punjab in elections and nature of Pakistani politics is fickle so one must wait to see the new govt. till 11th may

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