Monday, 23 March 2015

Karachi !! From 1947 to Ak-47

Rangers operation in Karachi and more specifically and daringly at nine zero has opened up a new spectrum of thinking pattern for everyone cogitating about when things will change.It’s not just a surprise raid,it’s something beyond everyone’s expectations that a day will come when power politics will bend down before actual power.The first ever surprising moment in modern times for APMSO or MQM was when the party leader in London faced severe charges and even taken into custody.London is rightly called the city of money and power but after that catastrophe (for them),I am ignorant about the money but sure about the power of MQM tapering off  day by day.

And if we stretch the timeline from August last year to march this year,we can see drastic changes in political scenario of Pakistan.126 days sit in,if brought nothing (in case),surely lead to a guy named Ch.Sarwar,the british M.P came as a governor and went as a popular ex.Governor charging his own government.

And after the horrific 16/12 attack in Peshawar institutions squeezed and expanded their capacity to combat this militancy.What if I Say that a shareef is losing the popularity with the same amount as another shareef is gaining although the one losing should be concerned about that as he has to be in masses again for power politics to prevail.The Karachi operation or more precisely nine zero operation has definitely added to strength of establishment aimed at fighting against militancy in any form either crude or refined one.
And this fight against militancy plus roars of soft quo roaming around in power corridors vindicate the fact that democratic institutions tend to debacle in terms of performance or governance. Army is rebranding the institution and emerging as a strong pillar of state owing to what fuss the democratic leaders made in last 7 years.Reconciliation used as a ostensible purpose for saving own perks and ill gotten money fanned the flames for people searching and dying for bread and butter.

While I was just scrolling my twitter handle I came across a very interesting tweet.The One liner was

               “The boys have decided to clean up Karachi”

This is the total summary.karachi is moving back to  1947 from AK-47 and this change is widely accepted across  Pakistani map though roars are out but so timid and questionable as to create no impact.

The political stake holders of Karachi should remain political from now onwards and to those linking the operation with a single party,brace yourself,things are going strictly against all those involved in this gang war business.From PPPP to MQM and JI and list may linger on,anyone can face the music as

                                                   “The boys have decided to clean up Karachi”