Monday, 24 December 2012

Tahir Ul Qadri's Intervention

I dont know the exact day or month when i first came across the billboard with Tahir Ul Qadri staring at me and showing as if he is yelling at me with his slogan SIASAT NAHI RIASAT BACHAO.I crossed the scene  in an unnoticed way as many a leaders came with the similar fashion arousing people to join hands with them in their so called revolution but as the day approached media projection and marketing was so stupendous that everyone was amazed but as the figure of 330 million(33 CRORE) yeah they are 33 not only 3 regarding media projection came,it was shocking.

Coming to the key points of speech.He  was outspoken regarding change in electoral system.But many a people proclaim that his sspeech was vague.He should state clear cut agenda to immplement.18 days regarding the change in system are not sufficient.Tahir Ul Qadri was successful regarding his show.He gathered  masses at Minar E Pakistan.People are also raising big question on his canadian nationality as a dual national can't be a member of parliament.But he is not going into elections I guess.Agencies is still a question following the debate regarding PAT.PAT is acronym for Pakistan Awami Tehreek.As i said people are vowing agencies factor as 33 crore is way awesome as they say that amount is mind boggling.
I was unable to understand one thing and that's why PTI is saying that PAT is saying the same thing what we demanded and infact they are backing PAT.MQM also showed support for PAT and a delegation also participated by them in jalsa.Lastly i am sick of these long march statements..Come out of this decoy and do some pragmatic steps.
Tahir Ul Qadri has been welcomed warmly by people but at the same time people are stating that we don't know whether he will perform good or not.He is a good orator,a stupendous scholar and a pious person but that doesn't guarantee  his performance.He can gather masses as he is leading a prodigious organization but there are many slips between cup and lips so wait and see till his announced date of long march.
A hilarious tweet was retweeted many a times and that was DABBANG 1 was released an year ago and now this is DABANG two.

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