Monday, 6 May 2013

Desperate PML N

Elections 2013 are on their way to completion setting new standards of oppression and brutality.When 3 of the major political parties are not given level playing field,others should condemn this as this can happen to them the other time.
Let's talk about PML N which is busy making perception that they are government in waiting.Though PTI has threatened their easy success which was obvious after PPPP completing its term but then Imran Khan and his party appeared on the political horizon and soon firecest strife started that will now end on 11th may.
PML N is fretting about victory and consequently making federal govt. and also grab a major share in Punjab Govt. in one way or the other.
For that reason we have seen many policy tilt when it comes to electables.Those who spent their evenings with general Musharraf at one time soon were gagging for the same but this time with PML N leaders.At one time Mian Nawaz Sharif said that we will never accept people who supported Musharraf but as i said PTI was gaining popularity so think tanks of PML N thought that it’s better to take people from PML Q rather allowing them to join PTI who was accepting and welcoming them.
We have seen that Mian Nawaz Sharif made alliances with smaller nationalist groups in sindh to help them making new government.
Let me speak candidly that PTI and PML N will be having a tough battle in elections but next govt. is of PML N.They will not sweep easily.The reason for this is simple.PML N soon after elections will decorate a market for those who are ticketless.Ministries will be offered and tenders will be relaxed.Moreover they will even not hesitate making coalition government with anyone.Anyone means they can enjoy perks for 5 more years while in a coalition with PPPP,MQM,ANP or even Moulana Fazal Ur Rehman.Hamza Shehbaz hinted that we will take everyone with us and ‘WILL TRY” not to make alliance with pppp.
And once that happens you will see such type of hung parliament that every candidate will be demanding more and more with time whereas on the flipside economic condition of the country is very much disappointing.PTI and PML N combination is ideal for many people but this will not happen.PML N might think of this but regarding PTI,every one must not be between a rock and a hard place to say that they will not accept a coalition government with PML N.
And when you talk of PML N's government you should not demand any change or expect even in Patwari(Land) system or police because they people beleive in politics through institutions.Street crime will be the same in PML N's government as we have seen in last 5 years.Gvernment hospitals will be same except that doctors will be petrified by unannounced visits but in early two or three months and after that they will go rampant.
Protocoal culture in the name of security will be same.Whole of the sharif family will not hesitate enjoying the same VIP culture they condemned before 2008 elections.
Drone attacks will remain the same as they can't stand infront of western powers for whom they beleive are the king makers.Everyone knows who drives them.
We can see a major change only in one depatment and thats in logistics.PML N beleives in making new roads and bridges.They will focus on making metro's irrespective of whether people need that more than health facilities or education.They will focus on those projects in which simple economics is involved rather any vision.
But last thing is that PTI facor has made PML N to bow before people.They can't shun the role of youth and common man now.

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