Friday, 24 May 2013

Why PTI Lost

Fiercest strife regarding elections has finally ended with screams of rigging at a major level and PTI in major is protesting against all this.
I delayed writing this article on WHY PTI LOST regarding the fact that i took time to watch talkshows and reading articles.Though many a people including journalist outcry with reference to rigging but on the flip side some people say that rigging was on a minute level and PTI is just behaving ,like a stubborn kid relentlessly
trying to settle the things down.
Though many a people also say that rigging was not institutionalized this time but my article is not regarding that.
Many a factors contributed to the defeat of PTI.Infact Imran Khan was chasing rainbows.How can you expect a sweep in elections when you are against international establishment and moreover you being a single party are trying to reform the country regarding police and patwari system.
Shahbaz Sharif's performance also helped PML N in elections.Though performnce was just a shallow show off if you go into details but people saw a change in punjab.
One more thing was selection of candidates.PTI introduced new faces many of which were literate one.They could not understand the politics of local system.They kept on  rejuvenating in their corner meetings.They confined themselves to somewhat clean politics but people voted the same class ruling this country from last 20 years.PTI should introduce new faces again the next battle but proportion should be lessened.
A major confusion that PML N was able to spread and which according to me was a double dutch was nexus of PTI and PPPP.Imran Khan should accept that he was having a bit soft corner for Asif Ali Zardari which looked strange from the audience side but he was vibrant when it comes to Nawaz Sharif.He should have criticized equally.He thought PPPP is no more and he kept on bashing PML N but that was not an intelligent move.People considered PML N a strong confronting factor for PPPP and people were in a need to get rid of PPPP.They thought that PTI might alliance with PPPP so in a move they throwed PTI and PPPP with a single stamp.Though Imran Khan was consistently saying that i will not take oath from Asif Ali Zardari in contrast to Nawaz Sharif's soft stance on the issue.
One must agree that Imran Khan was a bit arrogant during the campaign.Things like"BAT WILL BEAT TOO" and we will make "TIKKA" didn't go well in educated class.I being not a supporter of PML N admit that Nawaz Sharif was a bit humble in his speeches.
Imran Khan's tragic accident resulted in cancellation of G.T road jalsa's that was exacerbating.PML N almost sweeped in cities on G.T road.Sympathy factor didn't play a vital role.
Rural areas were not much touched by PTI and touchstone of success is equal performance in all parts of country.
PTI was able to show the power in KPK but at the same time this is a challenge.Law and order situation in KPK will not let anyone to live a luxurious and tension free life.PTI should fulfill its promises that it did in past.They should work hard regarding security.Uniform education system should also be implemented.Infact PML N and PTI have been given a last chance.He who performs will be able to win next elections and that's a better thing to replace what's not working.
Historic turnout in elections is undoubtedly due to PTI.Burger or mummy daddy class who just spent their days in sheesha cafe's and nights scrolling webpages,started to own the country and its a good move.Momentum should be kept on at any cost.
But I wish both PML N and PTI a very best for the future and their succes is Pakistan's success and the other way around.

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