Monday, 29 April 2013

Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim and Timely elections

Though joseph stallin of soviet union and Ayub khan of Pakistan tried their level best to make people feel that dictatorship surpasses democracy albeit intellectuals and inceptors consider democracy as the best system of governance as democracy stems from fair and transparent,relentless elections.Summing up all,timely elections are a sole solution for a better system.
Considering ground realities of Pakistan,an intriguing and thought provoking question is,whether Fakhr ud din G. Ibrahim will be able to conduct upcoming elections on time.Situation of Pakistan is fickle and no one knows,what will be hapening the next moment.

Certain factors must be kept in mind that can delay elections,The most important is political parties.I am not between a rock and a hard place to state that all the major political parties are on the move regarding
elections.They are mobilizing masses and setting up their power shows.So one must shun the delay of elections when it comes to role of political parties.Only PAT(Pakistan Awami Tehreek) is arousing people not to vote in elctions.Fakhru Bhai will not face difficulty in that.
Another decisive factor of Pakistani politics is establishment,more reffered as military establishment.For the first time in Pakistan we are somewhat seeing an unbiased establishment and army will definitely not intervene to delay electoral process.
International establishment,yes definitely topple political stature of big guns in Pakistan but now they are giving a strong impression that we will not influence elections.Fakhru bhai was appointed chief election commissioner on 23rd of july last year and he knows it very well so he will be able to tackle the situation and will try his level best to make elections 2013 happen on time.
During the last five years a strong emotional power nexus between judiciary,media and masses has been made spontaneously in reaction to the oppression by the previous regime.They now feel that timely elections is the sole solution to the problems faced by Pakistan.Fakhr ud din G.Ibrahim has been the law minister in past,moreover he has also served  as attorney general and governer sindh so he owns a respect in legal fraternity and he feels that he is backed by everyone from society so he is confident enough to hold elections on time.
The only factor I am afraid of is overall law and order situation.We have seen that ANP is passing through tough times when it comes to election rallies.Ghulam Ahmed Bilour recently was saved in an attack as he was addressing a political gathering.Sana Ullah Zehri's convoy was attacked and he lost his family members in that brutal attempt.He belonged to PML N.Everyone should condemn that.
Chief election commissioner is unanimously elected.His duty is not to revive peace in the country but law and order situation is definitely grim.The touchstone of democracy is elections and Fakhru bhai can have a difficulty in organizing elections on time due to above mentioned problem.The only counter argument to this is same law and order situation in 2008 elections when PPPP chairman Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto lost her life in a suicide attack.Still elections were held though delayed from 8th january to 18th frfbruary 2008.
The 87 years old Fakhru bhai and 84 years old PM Mir Hazar Khan Khoso must work parallel to control suicide attacks in country because they are the only hurdle in timely elections.
Though PTI chirman Imran Khan and MQM's leader Altaf Hussain urged the need of some extra days for campaigns but it didn't get fame.The fiercest strife between political parties will not allow anyone to be a hurdle in the way of elections.Fakhru bhai must not pander to the wishes of anyone who wants to defer elections for broader state interest.
Fakhru bhai will have an ease in conducting elections on time due to interim setup that is visually neutral and this setup can't be prolonged for more time than described in the constitution,so delay of elections will definitely hamper utmost superiority of constitution.A vibrant media and unbiased judiciary will not support any delay in people's right to vote.So elections will be on time.
Let me finish the debate with geographical position of Pakistan.America and allies in their ouster from Afghanistan will definitely look for a support from Pakistan and for that purpose they are urging timely elections because a strong government will allow them a safe passage.
Above quoted factors strongly reveal that Fakhru bhai will be successful in conducting elections 2013 on time and allegation of being old on him will fall on a stony ground.So one must not expect delay in elections.Just cast your vote on 11th may instead of enjoying french fries at home handling television remote in your hand.

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