Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Something has changed

I am not between a rock and a hard place to decide regarding the downside that Pakistan has faced during the last five years,Talking of the militancy or economic recession,last govt. has failed many a times during their reign but let me find the silver lining of the dark cloud that Pakistan has produced during the era.Let's talk about the freedom of media,Yes media has now been a whistle blower against any of the corruption or missmanagement.Anchorpersons now are doing content based shows instead of mere ratings.The time has gone when speech and screech were mixed in a way so as to gain viewership.You  may regard it as a small fraction but eventhough it exists.One other and major aspect,the brighter aspect is free and fair,some call overboard judiciary which is playing its part as a strong pillar.The culprits who were once regarded as holy cows as they were rampant were finally brought under justice.You have seen that an elected Primeminister was dismissed on the orders of supreme court.Likewise Balochistan Govt. was also dismmed and was declared failed in resolving the issue.Karachi case is now under hearing in Supreme Court and court is ordering to wipe out NO GO AREAS.Now everyone fears regarding the famous suo moto notices that cheif justice of Pakistan takes.Supreme court has been very effective regarding the looted money that was brought back in rental power case.The culprits having nexus with bureaucracy and government were finally thinking that time has come to mend our ways and their every action was reported in media and then noted by judiciary.Shahzeb Khan case is an example that a landlord were handcuffed. That was once a dream in Pakistan that a common men might also be prominent and equal to a snobbish landlord and you have seen that Shahrukh jatoi was finally brought back from another country as he flew thinking that he is safe now.I am not going to exaggerate the issue or saying that complete justice is now easily available but some change has certainly been there.
One more issue is the fake degrees.Everyone now sees members of the parliament standing in courts and once proved absconder,finally face the music.Many have been  sentenced to jail and a lot more to be there soon.This is definitely a change.
Last but not the least is the ticket allocation by major political parties in Pakistan.PML N has a parliamentary board which worked a lot in self screening of candidates.Its a good sign that now tickets are not distributed,they are allocated after seeing the track record,Same thing is with PTI,which after an extensive intra party elections had talks regarding tickets allocation.Now political parties are thinking that people will reject a candidate if his/her past is not clean.
Let’s admit that I am not saying everything has changed in Pakistan but forsure somethings have definitely changed and this small fraction will definitely play a major role in development of Pakistan.

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