Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Round up..March

I don't actually write weekly round ups but the important events took place in last days finally compelled me not to shun them.Popularly quoted corrupt govt. of pppp and their allies ended on 16th march but during the last days they acted like leeeches,whether to talk of lifetime perks acquired by honourable speaker or to gossip regarding the sindh MPA's,wait a while Faisal Karim Kundi also took a share in the rat race to adorn himself with previleges that will be paid by our tax money.Caretaker Primeminister was the next challenge faced by govt and opposition.Now you can take it both ways,you can call it a democratic process that passed smoothly when after deadlock between PM and opposition leader followed by the same dead lock in parliamentary commmitte,ECP decided to appoint aged 84 Mir Hazar Khan Khoso.All the parties finally showed trust in him but at the same time people regarded it as a PPPP triumph.You can also call it failure of  politicians to reach on a consensus.

.In the meanwhile indian agency revealed a news regarding the disgruntled behaviour of Bilawal Zardari with his father,The president of Pakistan.PPPP narrated it as a false story and according to Rauf Klasra,Sanam Bhutto was sent to conceal in this matter.Caretaker CM of Punjab was appointed by parliamentary committee in Punjab.Senior journalist and a seasoned P.R specialist Najam Sethi was appointed CM.He looked ambitious but his colleagues hollered a lot regarding his journalistic role and ever increasing relations with international establishment.23 March Jalsa of PTI finally gave a shut up call to all those who thought Tsunami has vanished.Electrifying crowd enchanating slogans and roaring NAYA Pakistan adorned Minar E Pakistan.Being unbiased let me say that i was a part of it and crowd was electrifying.
I will not say much as you can simply google it.Moreover PML N should also show their power in Lahore.They have their support in Lahore too but  people dont know,why they are reluctant in doing so.They have launched election compaign by doing a jalsa rather impressive in Mansehra..
Last  thing is ticket  allocation to candidates and filing of Nomination papers.Every Party is discussing as to whom should the ticket refer regarding the new rules implemented by ECP and media power that shows the real face of every candidate as he or she is nominated.PML N also had conversations in 36 membered parlaimentary board and PPPP also had talks.PTI on the other side faced much difficulty in the process.Asif Ahmed Ali and Inam Ullah Niazi were disgruntled with senior leadership on the issue but Imran Khan says that he and his party has allocated tickets on merit.A senior journalist has tweeted that PML N has allocated 30 tickets to close relatives of sharif family whereas on the other side,one can simply see that Inam Ullah Niazai was unable to have the ticket despite having the relation of cousin with Imran.
11th May will decide which party is popular among people and who is to be the next king.One thing to be kept in mind is that the turnout in the coming elections will be much larger,let me predict that and definitely educated and learned people will too find a time to cast their vote,to whatever the party they like.

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