Saturday, 5 May 2012


The most popular stance in our country is to blame the higher authorities in order to hide your own mistakes or to become popular or more liked by people but we don't even stand to think that these leaders are from us,they are not imported from uganda,they are our own people living in our constituencies.It means that we as a whole are corrupt in our domain.A shopkeeper selling expired items is also corrupt but if you talk to him he will say that these leaders have ruined us .He doesn't admits that he is also doing corruption in his domain.He is having no access to major organizations but he is doing mismanagement in his own periphery .It is a mind boggling fact that only 2% of our people are tax payee but we expect the governance of highly advanced countries where people themselve give more tax than actual .I also beleive that these leaders are also not giving more to us,they are doing scams but we also are a part of the society and we should also play our part.Our businessmen are corrupt,our shopkeepers are corrupt,our clerks are corrupt,our policemen are corrupt and even our anticorruption officers are corrupt,this applis to most of people but not  all."FISH  ROTS FROM THE HEAD" is a common comment on this type of content but society too matters.When we cant save energy at our homes how can we expect leaders to do that.In my oppinion people shape the nations and leaders emerge from this same nation and moreove who are responisble for sending them to legislative assemblies.We people are there to support these leaders when they are growing.One more question arises,we in daily life come across people of our own area and are many a times deceived by them now who is responsible for this daily life corruption,offcourse we people.I heard someone  saying that chinese people never iron their clothes owing to the fact that it consumes a lot of energy,CHINA is not facing any electricity shortage but people are aware of the energy waste but here we and i even are not ready to forego our lavish glamerous lifestyle.So first of all we should mend our ways and once we are neat and clean then we should also bring these high people to justice.And as Ahmed faraz sb said:


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