Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Living in a media age is always exhausting when you are continuously surrounded by cluster of news,more bad and less good but they way breaking news happens in our country is really superfluous.News by definition is an unusual thing that happens and moreover breaking news in a sense will be something more than extraordinary but sorry to say in our media breaking news is as casual as 1+1=2.

Consider for instance what happens on our channels is that the ticker keeps on maintaining red status.People are also red alert by these tickers but after sometime when they realize what happened it appears nothing.Now what type of breaking news are shown by our media.Let's have a look:
1  PM meets president.Country's overall situation discussed.
2  Bollywood new film now in cinemas.
3  Meera's  watch lost.
4  Shahid afridi fell down while shopping in mall.
5  Federal minister meets a delegation.
6  CM punjab travelled by bus.
7  New item song underway.
8  Police arrested 3 minor gangs.
9  Federal cabinet meetup started.
10 Renowned justice challaned on highway

This is just a glimpse of what we daily watch flickering on our screens and moreover if you think really that they are breaking news and i am wasting my time  here then sorry to say most of the breaking news are from MYSTERIOUS 'SOURCES' which can never be found even by a big magnifier.These sources are used to detach yourself from news if they are proved fake.
These are just the breaking news in our society otherwise i seriously think that most of these are not even upto the standard of news.Now whats shocking in a meeting between two dignitries of the country and whats horrifying in a challan case but our media keeps on relying on these type of crispy news for just to get ratings but people on the otherside consider it bad to be always in a state of sensationalisation.
people are needy of food and health care facilities but our media is not more focusing on these issues as they are not masala type.If someone wants to cover these issues then he sustains for 2-3 months and his show or airtime is banned due to low ratings.
Media tycoons should focus on  the real problems of society instead of glorifying a problem of a diplomat or a beaurocrat that's even not a problem.Moreover its our own duty to give our feedback to tv channels that we dont like or if we have a suggestion then we must share it.

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