Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Budget 2012

Annual budget has been announced by the elected pppp government that takes pride in delivering the fifth consecutive budget with the same prime minister as the first one.
First of all i think that the behaviour of opposition and especially pml-n was not right during the budget speech.There is a decoram of assembly and you should not destroy that on behalf of the mendate people have conferred upon you.If you have  any reservations regarding the financial policies then its good but they should be discussed in assembly during the session and not by slaps.I beleive and we will discuss the flaws in the budget but the way opposition opted to resisit the budget speech was not wise.One should be decent in his doings.
Coming back to the budget,I am not the student of economics and don't know much about it but the things that are obvious will be discussd here.
This budget is developed in haste and it looks like.
Now coming to the details,It is said that CNG and cigaretts's price would increase after the budget
Look at the above things,sorry to say these both are used by common man and moreover lower or middle class people.
Rich people don't use CNG to boast off their wealth and cigaretts too for them are never expensive evenn if their price is doubled and more than that.So a common man will face the music and he will lost the oppurtunity to roam in his car while enjoyinh cigarette.
Hybrid car will be cheap after the budget.Well done govt. so now hefty salried persons will be able to buy hybrid car that costs 1.8 million approx.
No tax on landlords this year too.
Again it confirms the fact that the budget is pro influencial families.
20% increase in pay and pension is a wise step but sorry to say that increase is nominal.Inflation rate is so high that much is needed to cater all that.
People expected a lot more from the govt. as this was the last buget of PPPP govt. and govt. too roared as much as was possible to predict the budget as full of releif.
Finally hats off to the govt. allies and crew who will work much hard for just to  prove this budget AWAMI despite all above mentioned factors.If you are unable to deliver a good financial year to the people then you can excuse but keep relying on your performance is a tradition in our country,will be followed this time too.  

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