Thursday, 14 June 2012

CJ at crossroads

Tv channels in Pakistan are adorned now a days with the most gripping case of era and that's surely of Arsalan Iftikhar.Reports say that Arsalan(son of CJ Pakistan) has taken 40 million from the owner of a famous rather notorious property tycoon of Pakistan, Malik Riaz.Arsalan travelled abroad and his bills and rent were paid by Malik Riaz,owner of Bahria town.Malik riaz says that he has given the money to the son of CJ to have a favour in the cases regarding Bahria town and his own son Ali Riaz Malik but no favour is granted to Bahria town eventhough money was enjoyed by Arsalan but on the other hand Arsalan Iftikhar says that he is not guilty and he has not taken any money from Malik Riaz and media anchors and reporters are going crazy about the issue which is not an issue.CJ has taken suo moto of the case and he has asked the journalists to come and explain their views as Malik Riaz says that he has shown proofs of the bills and video tapes of the corruption of Arsalan Iftikhar to Hamid mir,Kamran Khan,Najam Sethi and javed ch

It is good that CJ has parted ways with his son during the hearing period and he also has separated himself from the court proceedings so that one might not vow of the influence that CJ can develope on the panel.
It is to be noted here that almost 11 cases of bahria town are pending in supreme court and one famous case of car racce tragedy is still there and Malik riaz quotes the same cases in his view that he asked Arsalan to influence these but Arsalan not responded to him in a well manner.
Malik Riaz and co decided to break the story on 28th May when CJ was abroad to eceive the juriest awaard but then Aitzaz Ahsan settled the matter for soetime to avoid any situation that CJ could face while receiving the award.
I think that in this case Arsalan Iftikhar will prove guilty and he will be bashed by the court and he should be.Cj will continue saying that he didn't know about what Arsalan was doing and he can be right in this regard .But if Arsalan is proven guilty then people will pressurize cheif justice to resign from his post and that demand is too not unfair.If a person is ignorant about what his son is doing and breaking the moral and legal laws how he can say others to obey law and moreon govt. too can say that CJ is wrong and how its possible that a son is enjoying a lavish life and his father doesn't know about the expenditure.
Malik riaz in a press conference has opened up a new horizon in which CJ's role looks dubious and now SC has served him contemp of court notice which will distract the attention of people from Arsalan case.First Arsalan's case should be resolved.
This case will too set a trend for others that all are equal before law and noone is above law.After all discussion CJ is at a crossroads where he cant behave in a wway called between the lines.Stance and decision should be wise and clear so that a strong message must be conveyed.
Malik Riaz is not an ammeture and he must have the proofs on the base of which he is roaring against Arsalan and co.
Arsalan will be proved guilty in coming days and hopefully will be bashed by the court
Till then wait and see.

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