Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Media Gate

Leaked off air footage has  totally changed the attention of people from Arsalan case to this new popularly called media gate.
First of all i am not going to support the anchors involved and the tv channel but certain  things have to be kept in mind here.
Many people say that suspicious AQ gillani's call to lucman sb was not right.I would like to say that journalists and anchors have close relations with big bosses of the country and this is not a rocketa science.It is actually an open secret and there is nothing wrong with this call and also with the content of the call in which A.Q gillani and mubashir sb just discussed the disclosure of villa given to another anchor and nothing was wrong in it.
And those media persons blaming the anchors on this closeness with political elite also share a part of their routine with this elite too.

Secondly Message of Maryam nawaz to Meher Bokhari is also not against professional duties i guess.
Maryam N.Sharif asked Malik riaz to clearify them in bullet proof car case via Meher so Meher was crushed in this point too though she was just a conveyer of the message received to her.
One most controversial point of the footage is the voice of planted quetion and yes that's against freedom of expression and journalistic ethics .This was also accepted by Meher in her program that this question was planted.
One more thing is the instructions that were received from Phone and these instructions were too not dubious .
All the anchors of tv channels continuously receive the dictation and dictation received in footage was regarding the disruption when Malik riaz tried to speak.
Its not fair to blame them on this instruction issue.
 i would say that anchors were bulldozed on the issue but actually tv management was involved in the issue and so called conspiracy but as both anchors were there so they were crushed by  people over the internet and in drawing rooms.Malik riaz wanted to have an interview of him and he also called mubashir please don’t spoil my program,I request you.
Lastly Mubashir Lucman sb is abused by people many a times and on many a forums,thats not right.
He said on air that i was pressurized to do the show and in footage he has not commited any mistake which other anchor did  including planted question
 So anchors should not be blamed as much as management should be given hard time

Note:This article is written after 2 days of wait for Mubashir Lucman's show.
No clearification has been done by him on tv yet.

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