Thursday, 21 June 2012

Who's Next

I usually dont voice twice a week but issues around me force me to write something regarding the situation our country is facing.I am a big admirer of the fact that i am not a maestro at analysis but i try to manage words so that it might be impressive sometime ahead.

Finally supreme court of Pakistan has won the battle of EGO against syed yousaf raza gillani  and i haven't written PM ,the status he enjoyed for 4 years,with this name.
Many people say that majority of people consider this judgement a good one and consider it a breakthrough but i humbly disagree with this point
After the decision a face with another face will be replaced and people of this country will still be living in slums and loadshedding  full Pakistan
Secondly yousaf raza gillani has enjoyed PM ship for 4 long years and has been the longest serving PM despite the glooms his government faced every day
Actually supreme court and moreover CJ was offensive over the repeated disregard of verdict with respect to letter that was to be written by PM if obeyed SC
Many people consider this decision an after math of malik riaz rather govt.'s trick to maline Cj.
But yousaf raza gillani proved himself a patriot member of PPPP and  sacrificed his political career for Asif Ali Zardari,sitting president of the country.

I would like to  say that this decision will be given as reference in coming years when there will be a discussion regarding parliament's role verses judicial role  because of the fact that speaker of national assembly had clearified PM in her ruling  and govt. too considered that PM is safe now but then supreme court finally crushed the verdict of speaker of the assembly having 342 members
I think supreme court should give clear decision regarding the annual budget 2012 and its better to just disqualify the PM rather making a new budget and opening up a new battlefield between govt,opposiotion and judiciary.All desision from 26th april including foreign tours are at a standstill position
This case clearly shows that supreme court is above parliament and a new discussion will setup in coming years regarding their respective roles
Not only PM is bashed by court but his sons including Abdul Qadir Gillani and Ali Musa Gillani are also alleged of corruption  in hajj and ephiderine scandal respectively,more over Musa Gillani's non bailable warrants have been issued.
Many people consider that CJ has taken revenge of the allegations that Malik Riaz and indirectly govt raised against his son Arsalan.
But upcoming PM will be having challenges too as SC will consistently ask him/her to write a letter to swiss authorities and PPPP candidate will not be willing to do that.
One of the expected PM makhdoom Shahab Ud Din's non bailable warrants have been issued so govt. is now going to give this status to famous Raja Pervez Ashraf according to latest news till now, which is surely against the will of the people.
Qamar zaman Kaira is a good guy with respect to the Raja sb as he is good among media too

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