Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ramazan Bliss or ...??

Holly month of Ramazan has finally been kicked off and with that people have started thinking whether it is a bliss for muslims or a compromise otherwise and that  is all due to the hell bent motivation of our businessman to earn what he can and to progress by leaps and bounds
In developed or somewhat decent societies on such religious eve prices are not skyrocketing as we observe in our grim conditions where people instead of grabbing the ajar are in a race that's surely perpetuating to save for their generations and themselves irrespective of the destination that i t will finally lead to
A common man thinks of releif and has a perception that this month will bring  happiness and bliss to his home but these culprits  make this holy month much bitter for those people
And sorry to say these slavedriver for earning are from the same muslim community who think that saving money will be an asset for them irrespective of the dreaded route they opt.They just earn profit by saving food items and then releasing in a controlled manner so as to increase their prices.These are hoarders.
Govt. too can make effort to grab the items from these profiteers but these people should also know that recklessly determined mindset to earn can one day paralyse the society and they too will be helpess in case a disaster occurs.
One shhould fear form Allah to do all this.If you are not in a position to lower the prices albeit you should fix them or mitigate   the effect of sky high prices in Ramazan.What to say of the government .Govt. is busy in solving a million dollar question as to how they can avert Supreme Court for writing that mysterious letter to swiss govt. for reopening of cases against president Zardari and co.
Govt. passed the contempt of court law bill in a week or so but for the problems we are facing govt. meeckly says we are working and yes they are so lazy that they havn't solved loadshedding issue in 4 years and this ramazan also people are suffering from the same issue.
Govt. is just doing slactivism for reducing the prices of food in this holy month but its the the duty of businessmen to oblige the people in this regard.
Finally hats off to those businessmen (not of our country ) which on the eve of christmis and other events reduce the prices by upto one half.You people are awesome in this regard and we feel ashamed of that contrary behaviour of our own people.

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