Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Seeing Is Beleiving

Seeing is beleiving is a common proverb we hear not a lot but beleive a lot.
Utilizing this proverb to political parties in Pakistan we have two major political parties that owe mendate right at the moment in Pakistan i.e PPPP and Pml-N .
We wander on the streets and watch Punjab Govt.'s Taxi roaming around and the next road we see rapid bus transport making its way to completion.While going around in universities we see people handling Laptops given by Cm punjab on merit.
Talking of the housing facilities we have ASHIANA housing scheme for under previleged people and people too have purchased roti  on a low price(Though that scheme haven't longed for a long time but persisted for a time).We see CM wandering here and there for the early completion of megaprojects started in Lahore and other traces of punjab.Though many of the projects and hurry of him ends in  zero  like Drugs scandal and repeated strikes of people from different departments including Doctors,Professors,Clerks,Nurses but people see that someone is here for us to heal our wounds upto a limited extent though.
On the other hand when we see PPPP wasting time in making constitutional amendments we see that people do not consider it a better way to serve the country.For instance removal of 17th amendment just helped head of another political party because it said that no one can be PM of this country thrice.So that was for a single personality of this country.Likewise we see many achievements of PPPP in prodigious constitutional books and a common man has nothing to do with these legal parameters

.PPPP is good in making constitution and laws look well but we have not seen any ground relief for the people of this country.Benazir Income Support though is serving families but something has to be done for white collar class too.They are also part of this country and PPPP needs to do a lot for them because they are also their voters.PPPP hasn’t done anything that can be seen on ramp but Pml-N surpassed them in this regard.I still say that Punjab govt. still is facing corruption charges and allegations regarding mismanagement in projects but people have something in their home or on road that belongs to Punjab govt. and that is a thing neede to be appreciated
People are not stooges so that they obey without questioning.Now they snatch their rights if not provided otherwise and they want parties to perform on ground.

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