Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Has Media Failed In Pakistan

The problem with a comman man in this beloved country including me is that we expect more from anything that delivers or tends to deliver some good for us.Same is a tragedy with media.When prodigious political leaders and corrupt beaurocrats were questioned through talkshows and were made accountable by media,we people felt that now media is a voice of people and no doubt that proved right in many a cases but at the same instant comes the decay of prestige that people owe to media due to skyrocketing expectations hell bent to maline something in their way as obstacle.People thought that a mic and a camera is more powerful than an MNA that tends to resolve their issue.

We need to understand one thing and that's the periphery of media.Media is not here to solve the issues,It is persisting due to the fact that it points the isssue and its govt.'s jobe to eradicate the problem but as i said people consider media tool as a robin hood and when they see that media is following another issue that's of trivial importance according to their spectacles,they say that media is for sale.No doubt there are sheer greviences to be resolved in media industry especially news channels but people need to keep one thing in their mind and that's media is not for sale but a businessman needs to earn money through his organization.Albeit media has done something good for people as well including many a cases that were further addressed by judiciary and somewhat by govt. too.Media played a vital role in floods where everyone including reporters and anchors was pointing towards the areas hit badly by the torrential rain.Moreover media has brushed up civic sense of a man upto some extent though there are still wedding ceremonies where people quarrel with food so as to grab it in a amount thrice the quantity they need at that instant.There are some shortcomings in this industry too as every industry has but what we need to do is to give our feedback to the tv channel.For instance a controversial drama is on air now a days from a channel.Everyone is criticizing the rituals discussed in that drama but beleive me or not that drama got the highest ever ratings in drama industry,Now who is watching the drama,yeah the same people who criticize it in a social gathering.Every drama or talkshow or program has a feedback address given.We just need to write an email to that address and also a complain to PEMRA for anything we don't like on media not only the above discussed yonra but we keep on saying that it will do no favour and here the fault lies.
Finally media is nascent in Pakistan and it will take some time to walk as crawling has many wounds attached with it.Pull up your socks,voice your oppinion,stay firm and express stolidly what you want but in an amicable way not just to share abusive tweets or fake pictures.Medai is for good and it will be further proved as it develops.
We people are the real stakeholders regarding the ratings and yes

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