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Aik Siasat Kaye Kahanian (REVIEW)

Though i am not a great decider ever albeit according to me books are of two types.1 you start reading but don't end 2 you start reading and you regret why it ended.
Today's review of a book falls in category two.Rauf Klasra a renowned journalist of Pakistan has written AIK SIASAT KAYE KAHANIAN .According to him this book was published late and i am writing the review even more delayed than that.
This includes candid interviews of Pakistan's big political leaders which in reality look unpretentious even simple to the stupidity limit but as a matter of fact they are not so when it comes to their interests.
Starting from Ch.Shujaat Hussain's interview where he clearifies how he has been able to grab the major share of government alongwith Gen.Musharraf and leading to many secrets.The meeting of Pervaiz Elahi and Shujaat Hussain was arranged by a businessman in a way that ch.Brothers were sitting in a way where Gen.Musharraf has to cross them.Ch.Brothers came infront of him and then Gen.Musharraf had to meet them unintensionally.
Ch.Shujaat also reveils facts regarding Asghar Khan case that he was also offered money but he is a upright man so he decided not to accept it at any cost.Ch.Shujaat was the first man to meet Pm yousaf Raza Gillani when he was in jail.
he also explains his relations with Gen.Zia Ul Haq and his business success.

Ch.Nisar's Interview is worth reading where his role regardiing the appointment of Gen.Musharrraf was cleared.He is a close friend of Shehbaz Sharif .Once in a meeting he stolidly criticized his miniisters and bashed Nawaz Sharif too.After that he was given a piece of paper by nawaz sharif, exposing his anger .Ch.Nisar still has that paper.Ch.Nisar's big brother was an army official Gen.Iftikhar Ali Khan,so every message from civil leadership to military elite was conveyed by him.It also hints at the fact that Gen Qulli was not appointed as COAS as he was close relative of Gohar Ayub Khan and Ch.Nisar was against him.Ch.Nisar also acccepts that his role in Gen.Zial Ul Haq Govt. was not fair and we must give oppurtunity to elected people.Ch nisar interview reveals that he was very much close to Shehbaz Sharif at that time and he is too maintaining that relation.
Ishaq Dar's interview also covers economic yonra  of Pakistan inn Nawaz Sharif's second term especially when Pakistan was under cloud after nuclear test.Ishaq Dar accepts that freezing of foreign currency accounts was a big mistake theirgovernment commited at that time.Ishaq dar's son has married to Nawaaz Sharif's daughter.Ishaq Dar also says that Musharraf breifed aa saudi delegation in such a bad manner that Nawaz Sharif was angry on him.Ishaq Dar also discloses more facts revealed in the book.A deal of two billion dollars oil with saudi arabia has been discussed in this interview too.
Asif Zardari's interview confirms the fact that he has changed after living 10 years in jail.Now he dont beleives everyone and he says that Jail is Jail no matter who much luxurious you are in Jail.He was offered deal many a times but he refused to accept that.Asif Zaradi also said that Nawaz Sharif has excused from him through naveed chaudhery of his past behaviour and he(Asif Zardari) has forgotten everything..An important thing in interview is that when he was asked about Musharraf at that time Asif Zardari said that we should give a safe passage to him despite the fact that people are against this notion.
And people saw that when he became president,Musharraf left the country with guard of honour.That special flight was also discussed in which mr.Zardari travelled from dubai to Pakistan but as they reached Pakistan Zardari sb. went with S.P mubeen who was having his warrants and journalists were beated brutally by punjab police commandoes.Its a book worth reading.
Now coming to Mian Nawaz Sharif Interview.Nawaz Sharif looked changed during his exile.Recitation of Quran was a part of routine for people around him.He looked serious at that time when he was in Jeddah.I will directly come to the the story of Nawaz Sharif's return to Pakistan discussed in book.Accorrding to author,many a journalists were with him on flight and Mustafa Khar was also trying to remain infront of camera.At last moment Sharif family posed that Mian Nawaz Sharif has restrained Shahbaz Sharif from going Pakistan but in actual that was well planted plan.Flight was delayed owing to a false news that a person has got heart attack.That was done so that plane should land at Islamabad at nearly 11 O clock so that people should come in mamooth.Islamabad airport was surrounded by police.Mustafa Khar ran away when Nawaz sharif was Arrested and was sent back via special plane present on airport.(I cant describe the whole scene that respected Rauf Klasra has depicted).
I am closing this article owing to the fact that you should grab a copy as i can't carry one with that yonra that it exhibits.
It also includes interview of Faisal Saleh Hayat,Mir Zafar Ullah Jamali,Aftab Ahmed sherpao,Shahid Hamid,Gen.Qulli,Z.A bhutto(translated)and others.Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani interview is worth reading in which it is exposed that Musa Gillani was sent abroad on advice of author as his extraodinary intervention in govt. actions was not normal.
This book is wisely named as aik sisat kaye kahanian.
A MUST READ BOOK.Excerpts from the book can be read at

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