Thursday, 29 November 2012

Asghar Khan Case....Repercussions

When elephants quarrrell the grass always gets trampled but i have a counter oppinion and that is when elephants co alliance the grass gets tramples. Thinking of an elephant as a symbol of prodigious stature.
Its too late to write on Asghar khan case judgement but as we all say ITS NEVER BEEN TOO LATE so i decided to write something regarding this verdict.First of all its makes a strong sense that the decision is worth appreciable and in years to come it will be a trend setter.The succinct of the case was that some politicians in past have taken money from top ranked military generals to manipulate the pollls and to consciously defeat a party in elections not by people's will but by the shine of the money.These include,Abida Hussain,Pir sahib pagara,Altaf Hussain.Mian Nawaz Sharif,Jamat e Islami.One eminent leader is Mian Nawaaz Sharif alleged to have received Rs.35 lacs in 1990 .I think that fair investigations should be conducted in order to filter the good from the stuff and party leaded by Nawaz Sharif should also insist on fair and transparent probe into the matter rather saying that only nawaz sharif is victimized in this case.Moreover those who say that Nawaz Sharif is a leader of huge stature and what should he do with only so less an amount prescribed,if we compare and analyze this amount on the basis of gold prices it amounts to Rs. 6 crore at this time and moreover at that time nawaz sharif was not so prodigious leader as he is now a days.So instead of press conferences the matter should be resolved amicably.One impressive move by Nawaz Sharif is that he has accepted the role of FIA and said that he is there to be held accountable.This is a real Change.
If they have taken money(which they stolidly deny) then they should publicly apologize and there is no shame in that,it willl make them look fair to peple by depositing the amount in fund.Nawaz Sharif is having a great fan following it has no doubt.

People should then be given a chance whether to elect or reject.Many a political parties have apologized including Imran Khan who stood and begged pardon from people on support of Pervaiz Musharraf.Demanding an excuse from peoplerather exception is most favourable.
Pml N think tanks should work on this as this will also be a trend setter and their popularity will also be increased
What to say of those military officials it is to be decided as they have some special secrets and when revealed will clear the situation that why they needed to eradicate pppp from the parliament at that  time.
One important thing is to separate army soldiers who are valiant and are performing their duties in a manner much to be appreciated.They are the people whom we are proud of.They are on boarders for us and this country.
And regarding accountability of generals (which are few in number) arshad sharif sb. in a talkshow has said and I  will conclude the topic on that oneliner
“Military justice is to justice,what military band is to music”

(Reason to mention Mian Nawaz Sharif is not personel.He is having a major share in govt. and opposition so he should be more responsible in that regard)

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