Friday, 16 November 2012

Malala Issue...Whimsical nature,Confused mind???

i didn’t want to write on this topic as hundreds of articles have been written and for sure they are much better than hat i am going to post here but the ever changing mind of our own dear people finally aroused in me a courage to write on the topic of the month and thats Malala issue.At first when she was attacked i logged into my facebook account and was happy to see everyone condeming the brutal act and sharing pics n videos describing the effort by Malala and her vision.But i was shocked to see after a week or so that many a people shared the content to spread hatred against malala.They were hell bent to prove that the issue is a drama and script is written to distract the attention of the people.When i inquired that why should govt. take this risk to promote fake pictures and whats the motive behind all this then the answer was a simple blank reply,People too shared pics regarding Malala's diary that she was against veil n beard without any confirmation or strong proof.Hassan Nisar sb in his fabeook page clearly stated that this is a propaganda regarding Malala's diary and she haven’t written anything against basic islamic rituals.I contacted an anchorperson of a program and according to him a political perty is behind spreading the pics in which she is sitting with U.S officials.
I want here to say that present govt. is to be appreciated here for supporting the issue and providing best available treament facilities to the victim.Coming to the people they also beleive that the issue is nothing and we should ignore this but i should meeckly say that we should support the issue owing to the fact that it is necessary to promote the soft image of Pakistan and for that we should not part ways with the victims of this dreaded attack.
Many a people compare Malala to other brave women of this homeland and somewhat maline the issue.This is not fair.Everyone has its own place and all are the brave part of this land.Media is playing a fair role in this matter and a mammoth of people are against media due to this act.I think we should come out of the hypocritic cage we are willingly residing in.
Malala issue is seriously somewhat that can be utilized by we people to show the world that we support education .

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