Sunday, 27 January 2013

Being a Pakistani

He woke up,washed his mouth and started preparing for the office he has been working since last 10 years.His fingers moved on to the  switch to topple the state of it but no response was there from other side.Loadshedding creeped up and he opened his wardrobe to have best among the worst clothes in terms of the lines drawn by dust and irregularity that his wardrobe was facing.His children were to school early ad he was ready for his office too.Being an intergral part of the clerical system he could be bribed easilay as his subordinates were doing the same side business and were maintaining a fully loaded life but he was there with a firm beleif that pure earning is worth rather over and at the same time exacerbating.Everyone in his office knew that he can't be bribed and he was living his life adorned with this tag of being upright.
His betterhalf was also a lady contented with what they had and never forced her husband to engage in some evils.As he reached his home from office he grabbed the remte control to listen to what's happening in real world.The T.V screen was bifurcated in two haves informing people regarding the blast which took many lives in his own city.He whispered CHICH CHICH CHICH.
Every reporter was screeching and tickers were there with a message from the elite regarding the condemnation of the blast.The pious clerk nodded his head as if he is taunting .He abused the corrupt regime which was busy in defending the developement that they have done in their tenure.
He again shuffled the flavour and tuned an entertainment channel .A reality show was there with all the interest binded .He watched the show and slept.
Evening and the clerk with his family clamped with his bike visited the place where blast  took place,Whole of the area was cordoned off and they had a bird eye view of the sight.Then they moved on to a park and allowed their twin kids to jubilate.While their kids were happy moving from one slide to another and enjoying swing,they began to discuss their future.Both agreed on a point that we should not pray for their better futuere instead we should pray for their future that it should exist.Sporadic bombing turned the country into a warzone and in so grim a condition,how could one think of enabling their kid to become an engineer or daughter,a doctor.
They hurried back to the home and children started to think of  their homework .The pious lady,wife of the clerk,informed the audience of the home that due to prolonged electricity shortage,ther is no water in home.Clerk shut down his eyes for a while and kids slept as nothing could be done now.The father while lying on the bed,having his eyes focused on the sky thought,where are we living and why are we living here.We are tax paid citizen but no response from the state on this behaviour.He thought we people are senseless,we are not vulnerable to attacks and accidents.We just watch news to replace bad news with some newer stuff of the same type.We enjoy marrriage ceremonies and rejuvenate but at the same time many of the roads and squares of our country are referred to some blasts or  bad incidents.
He was in a mumbo jumbo regarding to stay in this land or try his luck somewhere else.He slept with a thought that a time,better will come again when they will go to parks and shopping malls through the bigger gate rather walkthough gates.He thought a day will come when people will not be between a rock and a hard place to select their leaders.When state will behave as a mother and everyone will put forward his best to make this country a paradise to live in.He slept and cogitated yes a time will come,yes a time will come.

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