Friday, 1 February 2013

Zindagi Gulzar Hai....Why??

Much awaited drama of Hum tv  Zindag Gulzar Hai is now on its way of beating many othr drams in a yonra where turkish dubbed dramas in coalition with indian based dramas are there but ZGH is gonna be the first hit of 2013.With all the glamour and script,the story is gripping and you don't wanna miss a single shot of it.Momina Duraid,yes the mind behind Humsafar proved this time too that we in Pakistan are competing well with all the zeal and zest against other dramas that were much admired by people including a turkish drama that broke records.This drama will be a successful click of the year due to the casting abilities that the production team has.I Mean that wth Fawad Afzal Khan as zaroon Junaid and Mehreen Raheel as Asmara how can you expect something not to perform well.

The comic nature of Fawad Khan (zaroon) this time has finally twisted the nature of Fawad as being a serious and spat burger boy.He looks full of life this time and yet he is  a boy brought up in a lavish environment.Sanam Saeed as Kashf is spot on.It looks like that the jigsaw puzzle is sompleted with  actors like Sanam Saeed and Zaroon.Samina Pirzada as Rafiyah is stupendous as a woman who relentlessly proceeds for her children despite all the social pressure and misogynism present.One more aspect of the story is university life and that's the thing that adds glamour and beauty to the drama.Moerover while watching this piece by Momina Duraid,you feel that the drama is simply flawless.Listening to the sound produced by the crushing of carrot and tilt down of camera above the fan are the things that make a drama impressive and close to life.Title song is by Ali Zafar and Hadiqa Kiyani.Directed by Sultana Siddique and written by famous UmeraAhmed.
Moreover why i admire the drama is the thing that this is a Pakistani drama and with all the moral violence that foreign dramas had,Pakistani content should be supported at any cost and i am gonna do this.The moral message behind the story is being depicted in every shot and disparity between upper class and somewhat downtrodden periphery is evident.So this drama has every thing to beat top one dramas and surely this is another hit of Hum tv and as a whole Pakistani Drama because i have read somewhere that the drama is much appreciated in India too.Revival of Pakistani drama is no more awasy with these type of dramas.

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