Thursday, 21 February 2013

When Perks Matter

Finally election year is commencing and realities mincing  and mixing with rumors regarding elections.Some say election will held,others have an opinion contrary to that.Both are strong enough to be beleived.One thing that i want to discuss here is the sporadic jostling of political stalworts.Recently 9 MPA's have joined ruling party in Punjab.Now one may question that what was your oppinion just an year ago regarding PML-N .They will surely node their head in haphazard manner and will extract their oppinion from the cluster of greed to satisfy the other.

Enjoying more than 4.9 out of 5 years  in terms of perks and previleges regarding security and protocoals and moreover the ultimate bashing that was their trademark against PML-N,Where did it go.The closeness with their leader allowed them to be in premises of red zone which finally resulted in their lavish life for so long a time and now these turncoats scratch the reason for their so called rebel against the party they belonged to.One more thing is the photographic session that is the trademark of this battle for protocoals.If you have decided to hire someone's loyality for a very short period of time,Because they will definitely leave PML-N too,dont make these visual sessions with just the leaders replaced every time.
I guess every party including PPPP and PML-N is now trying to set scores and is hell bent to have the best candidate regarding votes and not by uprightness.I am not a supporter of PTI,nor having any animosity with PML -N but the difference between the two is that these oppurtunist were with PML N at one time,then they left them and now when surveys are diminishing the triumph of other parties,they are joining PML N.Infact there should be some rules of this long jump campaign.
PTI is selecting the electables via intra party elections and members can still get rid of Musharraf's regime via their vote but PML-N is recklessly determined to have the winning candidate no matter to which party he belongs.PPPP is no far behind this hot pursuit,but they will not be able to grab big guns of politics due to credibility loss and performance.One last word is that if Imran Khan announces to join PML-N ,he can be allowed by the leaders as they are in such wild goose chase regarding next five years that anything is possible.
Imran Khan's argument regarding clean sweep is a decoy.He can't win all over.PTI needs sychae shift.

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