Friday, 25 January 2013

How to celebrate.

12th of Rabi Ul Awal was celebrated across the country with religious reverence and fervour but same was not the case where cretin reside.Different parts of country are infested with such type of sick youngsters who beleive in firing,one wheeling and many other self made celebrations not having backdrop in line with the real spirit of what this day should tell us.
Ill mnded and dork youngsters danced and teased the pedestrians and people with families in their vehicle.I dont know why these people consider every event to transform into their show of vulgarity and nonsense.
What prophet (PBUH) taught us is in direct confrontation with what they don in the name of celebration.
Many people onn the day supply free foodto people and thats a good thing to celebrate a day.T.V chanels telecast a special transmission on that day and people recite naat and darood but what to say of these numskull and nutcase type people who convert every eve whether religious or personal into an adventure by overhauing their guns and to show other people that we can also use them.We should learn the proper teachings of our religion and then should rejuvenate according to that but i don't think so that these people especiallly young blood will listen to any of this.

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