Monday, 21 January 2013

Long March Up,Thumbs Down

A fine orator is the one who can gather a mammoth of people by the support of the vim that is exhibited in his screech and speech and that's the thing Tahir Ul Qadri used best in his famous long march that finally terminated..He gave the warning of long march on 25th of december in his Lahore jalsa.People thought that he will distract from his call later as it's not so easy to travel in this grim environment regarding security and weather.Government tried its best to stop his long march first by negotiations by sending property mogul Malik Riaz along with famous political leaders but govt. succceded in restraining MQM from this long march and then people saw that his long march started from Lahore on 13th of January.According to him the administration (mainly provincial) and in general, federal tried their level best not to make this march possible but according to him he landed islamabd with his millions of suppporters raising slogans of curropt govt, and their demand to change the electoral process which includes implementation of their 4 points.Many a people narrated the figures regardig the audience of that gathering but according to me that was never a million march.15th of jan was important regarding the verdict by supreme court which stated that PM Raja Pervaiz Ashraf should be arrested in rental power case.Tahir Ul Qadir grabbed the success as if it was his although the case was in supreme court from last 2-3 years.
The famous dual national doctor bashed the government and also said that its x-government and it is non existent at this point of time.I beleive that we can have an oppinion contrary to TUQ but we must apprecciate the patriotism of those Pakistani's who were there in severe cold and under constant threat of terrorism.They were not having any fuly loaded lavish container as their leader had but they were there with a thought that yes we will go home with a different Pakistan.In this period main trade centres at D-Chhowk remain closed and protected as it was a peaceful protest,we should appreciate.
But then the last day came and suddenly TUQ vowed the need of a delegation from the same former government to have negotiations with him.After 4-5 hours of talks in luxurious container an agreement finally took place between long march leader and government.Someone said that we were dropped at our doorstep in lahore when we returned from Islamabad and that's a thing to be appreciated.
I beleive that the agreement is truely a triumph of the lingering government.They didn't announce any date for the dissolution of assemblies and just confined themselves to the dubious one line that assemblies wil be dissolved before 16th of march and also a month will be there for scrootening of candidates,Now everyone should know that it happens in every elections.This is not a new revolution.It was also done in 2008 elections.

Overall government finally played the trick and was able to return the mammoth of people before they could topple this corrupt regime.
And then the part of the story that TUQ is leaving for canada on 27th of jan came .Social media became infested with the screenshots of the tickets of TUQ and his relatives.At that time people outcried and bashed TUQ so the anger that the dooctor injected in them via his oratory skills ,backlashed but they denied it.
One thing that is now clear is that elections will be there on time and rumor is that TUQ will contest elections as well.
Rehman Malik and TUQ exchanged furious reemarks against each other in this long march..

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