Friday, 18 January 2013

First Year Of Sychores

Its been an year i am in this fraternity of blogging and its happy to see that i am consistent,Infact i am not much able to grab a major audience in this nascent blog albeit i consider myself successful as i am committed to this domain.Few things that i learnt from this blogging  are worth sharing. Above all the basic purpose of blogging is to share your views so i shared that.Many a people disagreed with my stance but i am there with all my own oppinions.It also provides you a chance to write about the issues regarding which you feel that oral convincing is not efficient.
I wrote reviews of books and major political developements in the country.As my aptitude forces me to write about political changes so i did that in this very first year of blogging.Another advantage of this blogging is that i have maintained my twitter account and now my followers are increasing and that’s not by slactivism.I also know other bloggers that are also professionally employed and its lucrative to share your ideas with them through social media.I do read articles by other bloggers and that helps you to rectify yourself too.
Social media presence in Pakistan is now widely established. Though this hasn't been able yet to make a tehreer square but power of social media is now simply adorable and no one should deny that.Recent Shahzeb case is an example to be quoted here.Blogging helped me to be in line with that.I wrote an artivle on Malal issue too.
Above all the inferiority complex that we people feel is the lack of writing skills especially when it comes to English.Blogging heped me in this case too.Now i feel that i can write on any topic without much hassle and my drafting skills are also improved.I am popular regarding application writing and my friends often consult me regarding this.
Lastly i would say that i am not a fail blogger because according to me,a fail blogger is one who after starting blogging doesnt stick to this and closes his blog on audience justification. I am committed till now and hoping the same in future and would like you to keep your fingers crossed for me.I am an aspiring journalist and for that its good to make a portfolio and definitely my blog will be my achievement soon.

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