Friday, 4 January 2013

Demented Behaviour,Erratic Conduct

He was travelling back from Frankfurt. This time he was there to attend a conference on “Environment and world”.As he landed on Lahore airport,he was a changed person.The grace with which he was abroad vanished as if it was not there at all.He throwed the piece of tissue paper in lounge and without making any queue demanded immunity from that discipline.He was also dragging his luggage which was causing a honking noise.He hired a taxi and without any emergency asked the driver to drive fast.He also asked him not to stop on a signal even as he was in his own country and he was decent upto a limited extent in certain domain.

The businessman was unique in his behaviour.He was earning a handsome amount and with that he had a complete family.He tried his level best to support his children,2 in number to make them a respectable citizen and with that he was able to make them a doctor and a second one lawyer.He was strongly in favour of education and people came to him off and on to consult him regarding what to choose for their children.He was wise and fair with all of them.In a contest featuring his constituency a doctor was contesting against a landlord.The landlord was notorious for his oppression and brutality whereas the young doctor was ambitious regarding the developement of his area.Young doctor was contesting for the first time.The above quoted businessman was in favour of the landlord and demanded people to vote him instead of the doctor although he was in favour of education and educated people.

That woman was always found praising west and said that look towards them,they are clean,they are rich,their roads are like sky with no humps in it,their villages are not bumpy and then she compared this with his own country and bashed the government for all this.Although the daily routine of her was to first clean her home and then to throw the trash onto the road at wee hours from the balcony which was also used as a medium of communication whenever she wanted to discuss the bad governance of government.She also didn't stop her kids while travelling not to throw waste papers onto the road.

The enthusiastic shopkeeper was 24/7 in a mood to bash europe for the cultural invasion that was destroying the young generation.He abused many a times discussing this.He was right in his oppinion that our culture is the best of all and he advocated it on strong grounds as well.The basic anomaly attached with him was that he was having a T.V set in his shop and home and both were adorned with bollywood and hollywood.
The teenaged student was watching a show based on social issues .He disliked the way the show was going on.He thought that real picture of society is not shown in the show and sensation overrides reality at times in this show.He was also having an internet facility at home but he was reluctant to generate an e-mail to complain about the show to the concerned T.V channel.He was himself a plodder and continuously bashed the T.V channel instead complaining in a right way.
I guess i should not name the country to which these people belong as you all have well understood

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