Saturday, 2 November 2013

Media Tussle

By the way,i hope many of you have watched Pakistani film Waar and a major chunk will be praising it too with their tweets and updates.
Let me divert the topic to another War that was initiatd by Mubashir Lucman,the famous controversial anchorperson from ARY news.He broke the story that GEo and Jang group are hell bent to stop another channel rather mega channel to invade the media industry.Rumors regarding the state of the art trchnology opted by this new channel were been there for last couple of months.This new channel stated to be BOL channel was first said to have been owned by real estate tycoon MALIK RIAZ but no explanation from either side was there.
Let's come on the burning issue,the war between two media monsters.
Mubashir lucman in his extended shows alleged GEO and Jang Group that Geo is trying to BAN BOL tv by the defamation campaign.According to ML,"administration of GEo in cooperation with indian officers tried to malign BOL tv by a report published in Hindustan times.The story was that the owner of BOL tv is Dawood Ibrahim,famous underworld guru."
The purpose of that story was to stop launching of BOL tv that will definitely shatter monopoly of some media groups with GEO as a major chunk.ML also alleged that Mir Shakil Ur Rehman,owner of Jang Group pressurized governor of state bank for his motive.ML also said that he can make governor to be on the show and explain his point.Famous businessman from Karachi,Aqeel Kareem Dhedi also grumbled about Jang group.Different producers in ML show said that GEo  imports indian films illegally and then promotes them thus damaging local film industry.
Imran Khan was dragged in by ML in his show when he also said that investigations should be done owing to serious allegations.A notice was issued to him as well.
Now jump to the other side,What was being said by Jang group in response.They waited for two days (i wonder why) then they published an explanation that Mubasher Lucman owns a plane and a delux vehicle and efforts are in a full swing to file a case against him and ARY.
october 31st was the day when someone reached islamabad high court and filed a petition to stop Mubashir Lucman from the dafamation campaign he is pursuing.The same day,IHC issued an interim order and stopped ML from saying anything against Jang Group.He was also not heard before that order and the problem lies here.
I am not gonna support Mubashir Lucman,nor i have any enmity with Jang group but even then both parties should be acknowledged before orders.

Being a part of twitter,its good that you can have oppinion from both sides.Meanwhile i was having a bird eye view of tweets from those on GEo including reporters,anchorpersons and newscasters,i felt that they are more into reverse allegations instead clearifying their position.They should have presented documents and evidences in Jang's support rather counter allegation on ML.It looks more like a ML VS Geo contest now.
What to say of indian content when every media group is chasing that for commercialism,Geo and Jang believe in one mile more policy.Many a people feel that Geo overpromotes indian films and actresses.A major example is Rajesh Khanna's death day when there was  nothing on media except this news.He was infact a star but we have other issue too to be discussed.
Geo also lags behing other tv channels when it comes to general public oppinion,even then GEO too should be given time and space to explain their part and they should do so.Geo tops when it comes to viewership.It grabs 28% viewership with express on number 2 having 14 % and then Dunya news 13%.
At the end i wanna say that No one can eradicate a media group now a days.We just need to streamline our efforts to make Pakistan prosper

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