Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Education-Another index

Education is the touchstone of progress now a days.Days have gone when only growth rate was the parameter of triumph.Literacy rate is the new index to be opted now.Education is the need of the hour.The occident focused on the issue right from the beggining but those
who ruled subcontinent believed in making tombs and mementos showing off their lust for love.Most quoted example is synchronized construction of Taj Mahal plotted against King Edward Medical college.One was thinking about transforming next generations while other was busy in showing its power and money.
Things haven't changed much with taj mahal replaced by metro trains and underpasses with other side,the same side.
It’s sad to see no muslim country in top universities of the world.All are housed at Europe,mainly America and Great Britain.Rough figure regarding America is about 5000 universities and i guess they believe in quality too because its not all about number.MIT,the best in technology situated in America.Oxford and cambridge too a pride of europe.
The basic difference was of mindset.If America is the super power or Europe encapsulates G-8,there is a perpetual effort by their rulers.They were hell bent to fuel their younger generation with education though it was our teaching but rights of sensible decisions are never reserved.One must cogitate regarding the overwhelming success that owes to education.
Let's take Pakistan as a test case.Education in Pakistan is like vending machines in america,you insert coins and can have your degree,without any claim.
Talking about the stats,USA has more than 2600 accredited universities while on the other hand Pakistan is having 128 degree awarding universities with 70,state owned.
According to times higher education 2011-2012 survey,out of first 20 top universities of the world,14 are American,4 are in United Kingdom,canada and switzerland having the rest of two.2013-2014 was even better for US with 15 universities in top 20,3 in United kingdom,Canada and switzerland maintained the status.
It’s simply embarrasing that no muslim country is there,even though we claim that we are educated or taught to be educated by our religion too.According to CIA World Factbook, almost 75% of the world's 775 million illiterate adults are concentrated in ten countries including Pakistan as well.
Talking of the literacy rates USA,UK,Germany,Japan,Switzerland,Canada and Australia having a literacy rate of 99%.That's a prodigious number.Finland goes one mile more with 100% literacy rate.
When we come to subcontinent India,the rising economy has 74% literacy rate but Pakistan,hold your breath.Pakistan is having 57% literacy rate.For one to be literate the criteria is the one who can read newspaper and can write a simple letter in any language in case of Pakistan.Turks are good with 95.3% literacy rate and that can directly be linked to their progress as well.
Issue is still not the number of universities,problem is what's been taught here in Pakistan.For instance let's take engineering descipline.According to my research,more than 15 institutions in Lahore only are offering electrical engineering degree.This results in loss of quality education.Though strict rules are there for degree accredition by Pakistan Engineering council named PEC,yet nothing been done to lessen the mushroom growth of universities.Remember i am talking of engineering institutes in Lahore only.Same is the case with computer sciences,mass communication and management sciences.No one bothers to answer this conundrum.The effect of all this is joblessness and inturn frustration which leads to escalation of crime rate in the country.Those who are economically good prefer to leave the country and that gives birth to brain drain.
Last but not the least,can i link this education with most consciously controversial made lady of Pakistan,Malala Yousafzai who was shot by taliban and now she is promoting education in the world.Our Pakistani people don't own her.They abuse her and declare her as an agent.What to say of respect,people believe in Malala as a drama staged very well.Sick mentality not been able to digest success of a woman.She still owns Pakistan,though resides outside the boundry due to some reasons.We should respect our intellectual cream.You can have a question over overprojection but you can't shun her message of education.
Govt. should focus on imparting quality education and populace too should be concerened about the education of their kids rather demanding bullet trains.If this issue is not taken up seriously,a day will come when degree holders will also be tagged as jobless people and that piece of paper will value nothing.By that time,everyone will be literate enough to grumble  and rant:
“It is useless to cry over spilt milk”

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