Monday, 28 October 2013

Islamabad standoff-----Not a fiasco (Belated)

Though it was not the first time when media was totally grabbed by an incident.Red tickers were consistently following the blue area.After 2 long marches,Tahir Ul Qadri and Imran Khan's jalsa this stand up comedy show by an armed person was unique in its own.The whispers streamlined in a fashion to malign Islamabad police as an institution doesn't make any sense to me.That's truly
sad that a man kept on spreading fear and inturn anger in the minds of masses but at the same time he was living on the edge.Islamabad police was inefficient to the extent that he was able to reach blue area but after that,nothing wrong was done in major by the capital police.Conditions imposed on the police owed to why the operation was delayed and no action was taken for 5 hours.When interior minister ordered to arrest the culprit live and moreover at the back of mind police was sensing a suo moto notice by supreme court if they could open fire.One can refer to kharotabad and sarfraz shaheed incident of Karachi.Moreover the combo was lethal.That's insane to shoot a man infront of his wife and two kids.Neither Islamabad was hostage nor the police,Police was only hostaged by care and that delayed the operation.Police was given so many chances to shoot him but sikander took the advantage of his family working as a shield for him.The damands formulated by him were executed in a stupid way and here comes the role of media that kept on spreading his message throughout the globe.Live,consecutive,unsensored,super excessive and non professional coverage of the incident once again emphasized the need of a code of conduct for media to follow.Private channels were in a hard core battle as to grab and broadcast the sensation as early as possible.They were trying to negotiate with sikander though they were not given the task.SSP operations Dr.Rizwan was handling him very well.He should be appreciated.He was unarmed when talking to him and looked relaxed.Only media is to be rectified if we can draw some points from the issue and regarding the improvement of police,that's a perpetual process and moreover every institution needs escalation including emergency services and quick response. 
Finally zamurad Khan in a misadventure allowed police to intervene and they after firing arrested him and now he is out of danger.I guess that this was Zamurad Khan’s own thinking to end the drama in that fashion.He definitely took a risk and without having a bulet proof jacket on his body.Zamurad khan is famous for his struggle for restoration of judiciary when he at times became the driver of car in which Chief Justice travelled.Moreover he is Chairman of Bait Ul Mal and according to him he doesn’t draw a penny from Bait Ul Mall in terms of salary.
Now the responsibility lies on courts as to how they handle this issue.The root cause of incident should also be indicated and various religious organizations which are even not religious should be handled with care that brainwash people and then through them away for their own agenda.

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