Wednesday, 25 January 2012


                                                                                                Its been three years we are listening the so  called proverb POLITICAL ACTORS for television anchors.This term is devised by  our president A.A zardari but now i think that it is not wrong.For those anchors who loudly discuss the problems of Gen kayani and compulsions of pm Gillani and tensions of A.A zardari,dont discuss the problems faced by a commom man.He is not having electricity and having no sugar at low price.Why should he involve himself in these programs.He simply can see a drama which is portraying the picture of a commom man and problems faced by him.big guns of media should look in this matter as to how they can discuss problems of a common man havinh no interest in NRO or MEMO commision.Our news channels are politicized they are following their own agenda.Our anchors shold look into this 

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