Friday, 3 February 2012


The topic selected for today's dsicussion is APTITUDE.Many a times we come across people who have got education in one field but are performing well in entirely other field not related to their education.This is APTITUDE.Your natural tilt towards a particular field of life can make your life successful although many people say that you are only allowed to become only engineer or docter.You should follow your natural tilt.In this way you will love to work even 18 hours a day in your own liked field.You will not feel hactic doing that work which is in accordance with your mood,so try to follow your APTITUDE.Remember only docters and engineers don't enjoy their life,others do enjoy if they are following APTITUDE.Bollywood film 3 IDIOTS is quoted many a times in this context.
Here are a few examples showing this..

What is the title of ALLAMA IQBAL thesis in docterate??? A few people know but what are the names of his books,many people know.WHY???
Due to the reason that his natural tilt was towards poetry and he attained dignity in that.ALLAMA IQBAL followed aptitude so he was famous due to POET OF THE EAST not by DOCTER of PHILOSOPHY

he received his M.A degree in MATHEMATICS but he got noble prize in physics as he opted PHYSICS for Ph.D.His natural tilt was towards PHYSICS so he excelled in that however he attained MATHEMATICS degree.He followed the aptitude and got the reward

He who doesn't know him.He is a MBBS docter but he is known as a top rated anchor.WHY?
Answer is yet same,he followed his aptitude and he is now successful.Noone knows him as a good surgeon but everyone knows     him as a top anchor.

He is M.A in ENGLISH LITERATURE but he is working as investigative journalist at DUNYA NEWS.
he is much successful as he followed his aptitude.he could be a professor but he followed his natural tilt and now you can see him as a sky high investigator and his stories also got attention by SUPREME COURT PAKISTAN

Is he really a docter yes he is but his APTITUDE follwing made him a good writer and know he is known due to his writings not by his successful operations and surgeries.This is APTITUDE.

There are many other examples but we will discuss them later.We will continue

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