Wednesday, 18 January 2012


While i was there at a shop in rewaz garden ,a little girl approached to shopkeeper and asked for a single shopping bag so that she could safely go home without fear of leakage of milk she was holding.The shopkeeper refused to give him a shopping bag(lifafa).I asked him to please give her a bag and i will pay for that but he said we dont sell shoppers.and the little girl moved away looking as if she was  not properly treated.Now this is the behaviour of our own citizens who loudly say HUM ZINDA QAUM HAIN.
He refused to give a shopping bag to a needy although i was paying for it but his strict so called RULES were impotant devised by him how can we say that we can succeed with this type of misconduct.we all are not humble.and this feature of especially business community and in general our citizens exposes everyday but they dont mend their ways.they can abuse the high government officailsand they do it but cannot change their own lives and others dependent on them.

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