Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Thar! A Totally Told Story

You get to know that you live in Pakistan when you come to know that 60 people died in Wagah blast the same month when a bus in a head on collision with a truck resulted in loss of 60 lives and when you come to know that infants are dying in Thar and nothing serious is in place to stop the catastrophe.
And who bothers for these poor kids who grow up in a deplorable state.What if they died.Their Life wasn’t so lavish one could wish to live.They had to die one day.What if they died due to lack of food.
And here comes our Chief Minister yelling that he visited Thar as many a times as no one ever did.A standing ovation to this so called democracy that stems from people and results in graves being built for lack of food.And let’s surmise that children died not due to inflation but due to ailments,who will tell the government officials that health also comes under the umbrella of government.It’s the first and foremost responsibility of government to look after people.You get to know that you live in Pakistan when so much above stated has happened and not a single official has resigned owing to the onus which they didn’t carry.Moral Bankruptcy is skyrocketing in Pakistan.
For an instance let’s suppose that much has happened in any of the Scandinavian country,what could be their priority number 1.Every one knows that they invest more in saving life than to pay for its loss.I heard the news of a fish party in process by speaker of the province for members at Ibrahim Haidery at the same time when infants were dying.And you know that one of the most severe death pains include the one due to lack of food.It’s the time when organs swallow organs as they have nothing to do else.You know what,Some 90 kids died in 45 days.It means nothing has been done in 45 days to stop infants dying.Till today,kids are dying and will die as this is not some sort of threat to democracy and democratic institutions.
I have something more to say and that’s some 3 lac water bottles expiredbut were not distributed.
And let me quote an example of that chilli mine incident when some 33 miners were trapped inside the mine for 69 days.A rescue operation was conducted and all of them were taken out of that death valley.And you know what,the president of chille Sebastian Pinera himself supervised that rescue operation.This happens when you care for people.He waited throughout the night and morning to meet and greet mine workers.And our chief minister travelled with over 90 glittering cars to pay a visit to the affected area.What a protocoal oriented services we pay to this nation.At this point of time I have just to say one thing and that’s politicians are playing a vital role to depreciate democracy.Yes they have worked day and night to pave the way for dictatorship. Their good deeds confined to their family results in that boot rule which then lasts for 10 years.When people are not given basic facilities, to hell with what type of government system is in place.Belly teaches all the arts and it needs to be satisfied with something substantial rather constitutional amendments.

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