Sunday, 9 November 2014

Just a Pakistani,Not a terrorist

Let me disengage myself from a particular fraternity holding weapons and sampling voilence.I am a Pakistani.I was born in a country where peace was knocking out violence relentlessly.I walked into parks without walkthrough gates.I entered into malls without the fear of survillence.I had never seen blood,nor the flag march of ambulances carrying injured away.I could spend a whole day without a bad news but then a horrific incident changed all of this.
War against terror started.Though the purpose was good,to eradicate terrorism.I support that but after sometime,i was stunned to see things going worse.Suicide bombings killed my citizens.Now i hardly find a day without a blast in my country.Can i ask international community a conundrum.
What made my fun filled life a humdrum life.I fully support peace and promoting that and i do know that my fellow citizens now curse terrorists and extremists.What they (extremists)  are doing is not what we people urge.We want peace beyond borders.This planet should be voilence free but wait a while,i have played my part for it but i don't see and foresee a complete solution to this menace.
I have condemned,I have tweeted,I have conveyed the message of peace but even then international community considers  me i.e pakistani’s a terrorist loving community.How can you slander that when I have lost my 35000 people and some 35 billion dollars in a race to sling out extremism.If you can’t compensate for my loss,appreciate my efforts.While crossing my border and entering into any airport located in Europe,I am not glanced,I am stared as if I support this cancer.
You have kidnapped my innocence.I fear going to parks,I fear entering into shopping malls.Funeral prayers and mosques are not safe,even then you tag me as terrorist.I am a peace loving citizen.If you can’t do something,do something to appreciate me.I am facing crises.Many of the people now fear having beard that they will be treated inhumanely.
Still I believe that extremism has mucked up financial foundations of my state.Sporadic bombing resulted in brain drain.We are investing more on defence than education.Life has lost festivity.I don’t screech while watching a horrer movie because I am a regular viewer of state televisison.For how much span can we force our children not to see that blood dominated content.

My request is simple and costs nothing but a compliment from international community that Pakistani’s have done much to stamp out terrorism.I need respect in international community.I need psychological relief that I am not a traitor and pro terrorist agent.I want acknowledgement.I will continue striving against this evil but you have to cogitate regarding your attitude towards me.I want people from Europe to give a round of applause to Pakistani’s for their services.I want a standing ovation.i want acknowledgement.

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