Saturday, 17 May 2014

Elections 2013,The other side

At this point of time,you must be between a rock and a hard place to decide whether PTI is on the right side or the government is right regarding the rigging in last elections conducted,an year ago.
If one can simply connect the chain of events that led to their protest in Islamabad,one can see that Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf justifies that show of street muscle.Looking from their viewpoint,they filed petitions,they waited for tribunals to decide what is right but then after an year they thought,we need to put pressure on government and they did despite evry effort by government to stop people,reaching capital.
Moreover what happened during the last year simply gives us a clue that government is trying to refrain from thumb verification and recounting.Results of NA 68 from where Prime Minister Won showed something  fishy.Total number of votes were 1510 in polling station number 246 and votes polled in favour of PMLN were 7829.
I don’t mean to imply that PTI should have won from this constituency.Infact Nawaz sharif is a seasoned politician and he too has got a massive support among people of Pakistan but that doesn’t justifies rigging.The story hasn’t ended yet.On Election day T.V channels displayed visuals of Khawaja Saad rafique entering polling stations.They also showed that Army officials took him out of the station.If you are still having problems regarding PTI stance.Replace their position and think over it.
And then again what happened with former chairman Nadra “Tariq Malik”.He was sacked in a hurry without any solid reason.Many journalists claim that Tariq Malik was forced not to go that serious regarding verification and recounting.Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq has been awarded with a stay order by Lahore High court.I respect Courts and we should all but he could have voluntarily asked Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf to go for verification for their own satisfaction.
That 35 puncture tape also added fuel to fire.Moreover hell bent decision to appoint Najam Sethi as chairman PCB raised many conundrums
If government and PML N members claim that they haven’t done any sort of rigging then why should they hesitate to negotiate with PTI on this issue.When both of the competitors are agreed then there is no need of T.V tussle.
  This way PMLN can too expose PTI.If 4 constituencies for which PTI is demanding verification are tested and PML N proves that they haven’t done rigging and the mandate is legit,They can make PTI feel ashamed.
The other imperative but a bit old issue is Asghar Khan case.One simply can’t shun that Pakistan Tehreek e Insafwould be having this in back of their mind.They must be thinking that if a man can be involved in rigging in past,why should he refrain from that in times when PTI was growing.
Their charter of demand will strengthen democracy.Atleast biometric system of voting and overseas right to vote are the point which every political party should support.Rest are political.

And last but not the least,Pakistan The reek e Insaf should bring a solid proof of that rigging.Allegations don’t correspond to reality at times.They can’t drag this series for long if they don’t provide a solid proof of rigging.Their decision to protest every Friday isn’t just.They should carry on their JALSA series if they think that can work but this protest outside election commission office every Friday should not be there.That will lead to problems regarding security in capital.They should stick on their statement of not supporting any extra constitutional step if taken because the issue is gonna heat up soon.

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