Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Pakistan !! Changed or Maintained

Surviving and thriving for a better future and promulgating the need for a fruitful change,the populace of the country has always been optimistic after any democratic or anti democratic manipulation ostensibly served to meet the demands of nation by bigwigs.
Everyday is not Sunday makes a true sense but what to say of the people not able to have a single Sunday of a fun filled type throughout 64 years.
From dictators to their allies which become democrats as the dust settles,no one has ever thought of the voters and supporters uttering loud and high for them during their “sincere” electoral campaigns.
The transformation of sincerity to the dark clouds of ground reality results in shattering of the dreams,one has in his mind.
Last 5 years of government were infested with “khappa-ism” ideology and mind boggling “reconciliation” that paved the way for relentless corruption with politicians hell bent for that.It looked like absconders ruling and fooling,the masses.
But with the advent of a third force self labeled as “Revolutionist”,we thought as if a competition will enable other contestants to perform better as monopoly has been perished.
11th May appeared as a sun of change with PML N replacing PPPP in federal.Again Pakistani’s thought,now we would have a chance of witnessing dreams sneaking towards reality.I and we all know that overnight changes are in movies but symbolism has its own value.
Grabbing a tough conditional loan from IMF and implementing “their” policies then.Removing chairmans on touchstones built under necessities. From where to start and no where to terminate.
While reading the newspaper,two of the stories answered ever wondering question “ Has Pakistan Changed”.The answer was a big “NO” smiling and mocking.The news was regarding an eagle to be gifted  to Saudi prince visiting their friends infact their colony.An airplane refused to aboard the eagle and then that specie was shifted to Lahore via special plane.Do we still have a fragile economy.Osterity drive means all this.
Adding fuel to fire and moving one mile more,two police officials were suspended.Their crime was simple.PM was on his way in Lahore while he got stuck in traffic.Awaminess resulted in nothingness of officers.
I am sure after some days.i will read a news regarding PM,driving car by himself without any protocoal and meeting an old friend.He will soon intermingle in a gathering with people and we will call “What a pro people PM”
What happened to Zaka Ashraf,chairman PCB.He was toppled again and again in a manner disgracing from a distance.News of OGRA chairman removal is expected in coming days too.

Pakistani rupee has already devalued,Petrolium prices escalated,Gas tarrif increased.Electricity prices increased,CNG too following the trend,Law and order situation is pathetic,Unemployment at its peak and more and more but we are maintaining better personal relations on cost of public money.
I know removing police officials or Chairman PCB isn't a big deal but symbolism has its value.

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