Saturday, 29 June 2013

Musharraf's Trial !!! Rechewing the Gum

June has always been torrid regarding Pakistani territory but this time it coupled itself with blood.Talking of the Ziarat Residency attack to sadistic killing of tourists everything exacerbated the joy of newly formed democratic government which finally kicked off the same month.Meanwhile an important issue is whispers regarding ex president more termed as dictator General Pervaiz Musharraf.Though he was in hot waters even before elections regarding sporadic attacks verbally pinpointing him but during the last
week,Primeminister Mian Nawaz Sharif clearly said that Musharraf  will face the music for his ill doings.This is the first time Mian Nawaz Sharif has categorically warned the dictator since Gen.Musharraf’s arrival.
Talk shows have started analyzing the situation,Daily newsletters have tilted their orientation from challenges faced by the new government to this trial against Musharraf.Though my opinion is that nothing will happen in coming days,We are going to fiddle awaz.Dynamics of Pakistani politics is that a strong room overrides parliament and sometimes judiciary too.Though Judiciary looks ambitious this time and political parties too have an opinion that Musharraf should face off punishment albeit it’s like chasing rainbows when it comes to my opinion. Populace on the other hand are showing trivial importance towards the issue and that’s too not untoward.Cessation of loadshedding is their issue,Creating new job oppurtunities is their problem,Law and order is grim,Measles outbreaked.How can one expect people to support the cause when their own living is at stake.
We should not throw the baby out with the bath water in this regard.Musharraf has been in house arrest from a month or so and that’s due to institutional power whether judiciary or parliament but implementing article 6 is impossible because then former dictators from 1956 will be punished and that’s visually unnatural in sitting government where leader of the house was once a part of the then dictator General Zia Ul Haq.Shahbaz Shaif,Chief minister Punjab has also cleared his stance that Gen Musharraf will be trialed not for his 1999 coup but for judges detention.Those who collaborated and aided 3rd November or 1999 will not let anyone to touch Musharraf and inturn them.Most of them are now in ruling party.All these factors will lead to an unsolved jigsaw puzzle dominated by a jinx.International forces too will toil hard for Musharraf’s ouster in days to come and that pressure will finally allow leaders to let Musharraf safely fly from here even being on ECL.
Mian Nawaz Sharif’s stance regarding fair trial is imperative.He has ordered that justice should be justice but not political victimization that has been an integral part of our politics.This should be appreciated.

Ex dictator too has done some achievements for Pakistan but some of his tricky decisions finally
brought him before court.One thing should be clear that even though people dislike ex president,justice should be based on facts rather public opinion.Army should be isolated from the issue.There are honest generals and upright valiant soldiers in this fraternity. Commodities should not be superimposed onto institutions for their personal acts.Institution should be disengaged from the issue.Pakistan’s existence owes to army’s persistence.

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