Friday, 2 March 2012


A few days back i with my friends  was at a concert at national hockey stadium  for opening ceremony of PUNJAB SPORTS FESTIVAL.Here the crowd was jubilent and sorry to say was somewhat stupid too.crowd was just badly commenting the teams and they even threw water filled bottles on teams well thats not right by any law.Athlets from other cities were in LAHORE but instead of welcoming them LAHORI BOYS (not all) just over acted and showed their idiotness.I am sorry if i am strict in my reaction but crowd was also not good.And then police caught two boys who were doing that. They first bashed them and then they were out of stadium and then no bottle was there in air. So why do we need some exampe to behave like a good man.Crowd should generously support teams who are there to participate in FESTIVAL.And these people behave very good outside our country as if they are well groomed.Overall function was very good but this issue must be solved by we people and not by government

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